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i spoke to jesus today hAHA SWEEt!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by brian8472, Oct 16, 2003.

  1. i actually started to halucinate on weed, i smoked 5 grams all doobies all to myself and then i sat back and jesus poped down while i was whatching star trek ds9, so i look at him and say hey jesus whats up? and he says nothing much what ya up too? i show him my weed and my collection of roaches( he was quite impressed btw) he told me to go to church because even tho im christian and everyone knows how backwards the christian faith is he said itll be a good place to meet nicer friends cause he knows right now all the kids i hang out with are street punks and assholes :( he said in return for this knowledge i must forge him a mighty blunt with roachweed imbued with the powers of god and then he vanished has jesus ever came down and had a chat with you before? or any other god for that matter? how many of you actually halucinate on weed? i didnt think it possible is it just cause im insane.. or have an active imagination that was stimulated by the thc in my blood? lets break out the explanations ppl :p
  2. That sounds awsome! Ive only hallucinated the first time I smoked some KB. I saw that little green alein from the Flintsones that talks to Fred, he was floating right above my shoulder and then the little bastard dissapeard!
  3. You may need to get checked out for Schyzoprenia (sp?) because weed can bring it out... just saying.....
  4. once i was very very stoned, smoked like 5 hours in a row nonstop with my bong (i made it and it's a simple bong, i got pics of it, soon to upload somewhere)

    i was very damn high, i could not even speak i was in my bathroom washin my face and then i started too see inside my eyes witch are green as hell with some yellow dotts...well
    all of the sudden i saw a light then i hit something and then i saw was in the mirror and i spoke to myself for one hour askin' me things that i did knew...

    all this was a dream i passed out standing up hit the sink of my bathroom and sleep 6 hours or so in the floor, funny shit

    since then i usualy dont stand up as fast as i did that time, lol
  5. excellent news.
  6. maybe it was ur unconscious speaking to you (aka DREAMING).. naaaa i believe you. i may have hallucinated too but i can't remember them! :D
  7. yea you may just have dreamt the whole thing, because there are plenty of things that i cant remember if i was dreaming or they actually happened.
  8. lol...the forger of the mighty blunt..:) I think you have quite the imagination..a funny one though :)
  9. i dont think i have ever experiences actual visuals.. but i have heard things.. mostley paranoia.. but sometimes i hear some weird shit!! and you guys ever rub yer eyes to make those colors?? dont have a chance in hell to give you the name of what thats called but i like doing that, then i can make them the colors i want and make it do what i want.. but i cant make pics or anything.. just like move certain ways... did that make sence?

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