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I sometimes think that the idea of "munchies" was made up.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by ItsAdamYo, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. It has never made me want to eat anything that I didn't want before. I actually eat less because of it. And healthier.

    Lot of my smoker friends don't even eat at all.

    Is there even a chemical reason WHY you would get the munchies?

    Just seems like a fabrication by snack companies. Kinda like they do for Halloween and Easter....

    Maybe it's just in my head. :p
  2. it stimulates your hypothalamus (where appetite is regulated) because there are a lot of endocannabinoids/receptors there
  3. your the only person know of that hasn't ever wanted to just eat and eat and eat and eat while super baked
  4. It's not, the majority of people get hungry when they get really baked.

    If you're smoking enough on a regular basis that's just called having a tolerance, yea the munchies can be one of the aspects you lose.
  5. You must not be smoking the same stuff as the rest of us! because there are those days when I'm high and I can go through a 3 person meal without even being full. :)
  6. Many smokers here are going through a growth spurt.;)

    With medical patients, if you're suffering from nausea and pain, relief can also contribute to feeling like eating again:). I do not get the munchies either, and both myself and my SO have lost weight since becoming medical patients (increased exercise tolerance)
  7. I never get munchies really either. I like to eat when im high only because of the taste of the food and the texture too. Otherwise im never really hungry.
  8. why do you think they prescribe marijuana to chemo patients?
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  10. I don't get the munchies either-
  11. It also drops your bloodsugar levels, which makes you hungry. At least that's what I've heard, I don't the validity of it.
  12. I get munchies bad. I will start going through the kitchen and eat until there's nothing left.
  13. it's a placebo effect. i don't believe in "munchies" either, but boy; eating whilst high sure is fun!
  14. I don't get the munchies anymore because of my high tolerance but it definitely stimulates my appetite if I haven't eaten much that day.
  15. Bro munchies are not made up I killed 2 large blizzards and a muhfuckin grillburger after a nice indica doob
  16. depends on the weed, indicas make me more hungry then sativas do..
  17. TL;DR I think munchies are scientifically proven myself.

    ScienceDirect - Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior : The endocannabinoid system, eating behavior and energy homeostasis: The end or a new beginning?

    "The endocannabinoid system ... regulates many aspects of embryological development and homeostasis, including ...the focus of this review: hunger, feeding, and metabolism."

    Role of endocannabinoids and their analogues in ob... [Eat Weight Disord. 2008] - PubMed result

    "anandamide, is an endogenous ligand for cannabinoid receptors targeted by the marijuana constituent Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. Anandamide is now established as a brain endocannabinoid messenger and multiple roles for other FAEs have also been proposed. One emerging function of these lipid mediators is the regulation of feeding behavior and body weight. Anandamide causes overeating in rats because of its ability to activate cannabinoid receptors. This action is of therapeutic relevance: cannabinoid agonists are currently used to alleviate anorexia and nausea in AIDS patients"
  18. in your opinion it's a placebo effect* you cant straight say that it is a placebo effect without any justification. just because you dont get the munchies, does not mean it is a placebo effect
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    My theory is weed doesn't make you hungry, just more observant to the fact that everything will taste better high. As a result, you subconsciously develop hunger(munchies).

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