I smoked with...any tips?

Discussion in 'General' started by Dank Herb, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. I smoked with this girl yesterday after class around 10 p.m (night class from 8-10) and today she told me that her boyfriend is mad at me. I don't understand why her boyfriend would be mad... If your girlfriend smoked with some other guy besides you would you be mad? I just don't see why he would be mad. Peace
  2. Because for all he knows, she could have smoked your dick.
  3. dudes insecure. tell him he's a little bitch and she just wanted to spend some time with a real man.
  4. this, ends well every time.. i promise
  5. I could see someone being upset (if he's against people smoking, some are) but he shouldn't be upset with you. We all make our own decisions, it's not like you held her down and blew the smoke in her lungs. I agree with Blaze, he's insecure.
  6. No, But then again I don't know you...
  7. He clearly just doesn't trust his girl. nothing you can really do
  8. Well, it was 10 oclock at night ...and maybe that was a special thing the 2 of them did together and the op ruined that
  9. Jealousy is ruining the world.
  10. I'd be a little fuckin mad

    sounds like she likes you dude. get it in but don't get beat up
  11. Eh I'd be a little suspicious if it was just you and her to be completely honest
    I can see where he's coming from
  12. Say you fucked her in her face
  13. When I was lets say, 17-19, maybe I would get a little upset at my girlfriend for going over to a dudes house at 10 oclock to smoke. Back then I was less mature, a little less secure.

    Now a days, as long as the guy was respectful to me, and my girl, and our relationship, I wouldn't care. If I didn't trust my girlfriend enough to go over to a guys house and just have a platonic relationship, I wouldn't be with her.
  14. Assuming you have good intentions... The girl might not be transparent with the guy about hanging out with you. Also because it's at night that could look really bad to him. Ultimately I think that this is the girls problem, and more specifically the boyfriends and not yours. If you aren't hitting on her, flirting with her, or trying to steal her I wouldn't worry about it. Dudes jealous and needs to trust his girl. Not your problem.

    on the other hand... She could be using you to make her boyfriend jealous. Tread carefully haha :smoke:
  15. In all honesty

    Yeah I'd be pissed

    But then again it depends on the relationship too
    Like does she rarely hang out with dudes
    Or does she often

    But I could understand him being mad
    Girls are just as pigs as guys ;)
    Maybe not as obvious

    But I don't think its a matter of insecurity

    If my girl smoked with another dude I'd be pissed
    Not cuz I think shes cheating
    But for jealous reasons

    Everyone is different
    and people like to say generic things like if it applies to every single individual
  16. The guy's just jealous and insecure. Maybe he's not spending enough time with her or whatever, but any qualm he has with you is really just his uncertainty with his girlfriend. Don't even bother with him, lest he comes to you about it. Then just tell him to grow up.

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