I smoked Marijuana, but i didn't inhale.

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, May 22, 2004.

  1. "I smoked Marijuana, but i didn't inhale."

    how many hundreds of politicians have said that? dont ya think its funny?

    i do.

    and thats why i'm making this funny thread about it.

    if you got into power, still as a total toker, what would your equivalent be?

    you clearly couldnt get away with this line, so it would have to be something else.

    mine would be something like:

    I wore Nike clothes, but i didn't buy them myself.


    so share your's.

    I __________________, but I didn't _________________.

    -edit, woops. i wrote "but" instead of "buy". a silly silly typo to make considering i have one of those ergonomic keyboards with the split in the middle.
  2. Heh, funny thread.

    I did have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky, but I didn't bust a nut. :D
  3. lol thats funny because if they didnt inhale then why were they smoking weed to begin with, what would be the point?
  4. I was arrested those few times, but it was only alcohol related offenses.
  5. I had sex with that girl, but I didnt know she was 7.


  6. I had sex with that 7 year old girl too, but I didn't know she was really a 12 year old korean boy until we were getting dressed.
    really... i swear.

  7. ^^ that sounds like something peter griffen would say
  8. i did know that inspectors hadnt found wmd's after years and years of searching, but i didnt know there werent any until i went in there and bombed that shit!
  9. i was a male prostitute, but i never swallowed...

    ... i just thought i'd dirty this thread up a little ;)

  10. i think it was already pretty dirty, all you did was gay it up ;p

  11. I was gonna sell him the weed but i didnt

    *slap* 5 years for intent to distribute


  12. haha exactly what i thought./..
  13. I was going to sent him to jail for smoking pot but then I remebered he's my son
  14. there is a whole song about this... afromans because i got high

    "i was gonna go to work, but then i got high..."

    and a whole bunch of other funny ones
  15. I was gonna pass the test...but then I got high. :D that song is the sheeeeeet
  16. I smoked a joint, but I didn't eat after.

    HAHA, just joking, OMG i could never be stoned and not eat, its absolutely magical.
  17. ^^^

    Haha, that cracked me up. And yes, that is the only acceptable reason for watching Friends.
  18. i was gonna arrest him for smoking marijuana but i realized i was smoking it at the same exact time
  19. i wanked but i didn't cum :O

    eep, i typed but i didn't say that :D

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