I Smoked Laced Weed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Derrick14, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. I am going to just copy + paste from a msn convo

    my main dealer didnt answer his phone
    other dealer was halfway across the city.

    I had $20
    My friend emily called a guy named chad for 2 grams. he shows up an hour later but me and gf decided to spend only ten on weed cuz we wanted smokes. We explained to him and he gave us 2 gs anyway. We went to our smoke spot ironically named "The Meth Corner" and smoked 1.5, 1 of which was all for me. shortly

    after I started feeling weird so I wanted to walk around. I got a huge head rush that wouldnt go away. So I turned the corner to avoid embarressment and fell flat on my face. At this point my vision was FUCKED Everything was an orange blurr because the school is orange and the lights are orange.

    So I get up and lean against the wall. My friends turn the corner and say, "oh shit derrick we gotta get you home. Are you ok?"
    I said I wanted to stay there and rest. They insisted I leave and I had no control of myself. So my gf puts my arm around her to help me stand. Next thing I remember I look up from being flat on my face on the ground. My vision was completely restored and all I could say was, "WTF JUST HAPPENED!?"
    The second time I fell was much worse by the way

    Im gonna read this over and if it dosnt make sense ill edit it again
    EDIT: wtf happened to my sig?
  2. None of that happened to any of your friends?
  3. My friends didnt get is as bad as me. The worst they had was memory loss as far as I know. I havnt talked to them since, that is just what my gf told me.
    My gf stayed at my house and she had severe chest pains. Her veins hurt ALOT
    She was very depressed.
    She stopped breathing 4 times in the night so I stayed up till 8 to make sure she was ok because I as feeling almost normal after my fall.
  4. Hmm, crazy.

    Be careful what ya smoke, how did the weed look...perfectly normal? Any notice is smell, texture, color..?

    Your sig is to long or misformated if thats the case.
  5. It smelled really funky, not normal.
    It looked way to fuzzy for it to be just thc.

    unfortunately I have no pix of the weed. But I can try to get pix of my chin and/or shoulder
  6. haha. sounded like u gotta good dose but i remember my first time tweakin off weed. already knew it cuz my friend tricked me with a lacxed stog
  7. sounds like moldy nugs.. thatll fuck you up:eek:

  8. Sounds like a real great friend.
    Laces your weed and doesn't tell you about it.
  9. it was a b-day prank, but i wanted to kick his ass when i was downin off tha "shit"
  10. Your weed was not laced
    heres the deal
    Sometimes when im laying down and i stand up my vision is faded and i get extreme head rushes. This happens to me if ive been sitting down for awhile and it somtimes happens when im high.

    its normal, don't worry about it
  11. Laced weed, eh? No, I think you got ahold of some of that 'super pot'....what was it? kush!
  12. Same thing happens to me, it's fucking awesome.. you feel so disconnected for like 2 seconds
  13. In the 15 years I have been smoking, I have smoked laced weed! Of course we bought the weed and coke and laced that shit are self's! Never ever in 15 years have I bought weed that was ever already laced, and I have bought bud from all walks of life!
  14. I know what your talking about, It Happens to me.. You will take a nice big hit, hold for a second and before you know it.. your starting to black out and have no control over breathing or any thing.

    then you come too, you can see but it's really blurry just like right before you blacked out.

    You can see whats going on but it takes a good 30 seconds to realize where you are and who your talking to and wtf you were doing on the ground..

    There are certain types of bud that does that to me.. Some fucking DANK :devious:

    Green Crack, My g13ww and some guito.

  15. Sounds like moldy weed, not laced.
  16. Yeah seriously when I get a headrush from standing up when high my entire vision starts to get really fuzzy till its just a blinding flash of white light, then it goes away. Usually I just sit down and it goes away instantly then you can stand back up again. Sometimes I'm not really in a position where I can sit down and I just ride it through.. I wouldn't really call it fun but its interesting.

    So yeah I don't think your weed was laced, that seems pretty normal.
  17. could be anything really. the human body is such a complex organism. It could have been laced but this is actually quite rare...moldy nugget would make sense, especially in light of your gf's chest pains. Its hard to say either way.
  18. Just sounds like you got a whitey bro. Something about blood pressure when you smoke. Its all good though. Did any of your friends notice if you were pale white because if they do its almost without a doubt a whitey.
  19. holy shit dude my friend had the exact same shit happen to him 2 nights ago. he was going to buy a dub of mersh but are dealer came buy and said all he had was this shit so he got about 3 grams. i walked to his house and went to pick it up (i was selling it for him since he's not really friends with the guys that want to buy) and we smoked some pinch hits. well i was perfectly fine, not that high. then my friend starts trippin. he goes "DUUDE I CANT SEE!" and starts like spazzing and shit :eek: he like dropped his damn phone in the rain and falls back and cant talk so im holding his heavy ass up then let go and just sat there laughing my ass off for like 10 minuites lol but anyway yeah he like could barely see plus it was dark and that exact same thing fuckin happened. do you live around oklahoma? (we live in tulsa)

    p.s. ive been smoking this shit ever since and it only happened to him but it gets me real high:smoke:

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