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I smoked contaminated weed...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by yeah123yeah, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. So i bought some weed from a new dealer i got. This guy seemed really sketchy when i meet him so i was kind of worried about what i was getting. I bought 7 grams (for $60) of what he said was good weed. It had almost no smell to it at all so thats the first thing that got me thinking, and then I smoked it a few times myself at first and i did notice it tasted a bit different, but i'm pretty new to smoking so i wasnt sure. Then i went out with my friends who have smoked alot more than me and when they tried it they said it wasnt good weed. So i looked around on the internet and i saw some people said they water cure there weed to get all the chemicals and shit out, and if the water turns cloudy then theres chemicals or pesticides in it. Well i did that and the water turn fucking yellow... so i'm kind of nervous because i smoked about an eighth of it already... so anyone have any advice on what i should do? and i countinued the water cure and the water is almost clear now (after about 4 days) you think i can smoke it still since all the chemicals are out of it?

  2. Yea you can still smoke it. Don't worry bout already smoking it though, i'm sure we've all smoked improperly cured weed before. Sucks that you got a shitty deal though...
  3. I wish more growers understood the importance of curing their bud properly...
    As for being contaminated I wouldn't exactly say that. It is likely loaded with chemical nutrient feed and although that sounds bad it is literally just lab produced elements like phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, and several others. They taste synthetic in comparison to natural nutrients like guano, blood meal, and etc.
    There is probably two key steps that the grower left out.
    1) Proper curing
    2) Flushing the roots a few weeks before harvest and not feeding the plant anymore in those final weeks.

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