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I smoke weed to...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by meowtoyou, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. I smoke the herb to get high :devious:

    Why do you smoke weed? To get high? To relax? Medical reasons?
  2. Mostly because I love the feeling. But also because it gives me a different perspective on everything. Sometimes I fight with my mother, and then I roll a fat joint and just realize how naive and stubborn I was being.

    To each his own :)
  3. Enhance my day to day, moment to moment life experiences. All about the Hedonism.
  4. to stop worrying
  5. Right now I do it to get over nausea.
  6. Alternative viagra
  7. I smoke weed to piss off the man.
  8. I smoke weed to rebalance myself.
  9. I started smoking to relax and experience new ways of perceiving the world (since I like to do that anyways).

    But now, I smoke strictly for medical purposes because I found it helps manage my nerve pain and chronic headaches. Getting rid of anxiety and nausea is just one of those side effects (much better than the side effects that come with prescriptions).

  10. That's not true for everyone. I know plenty of people who choose not to smoke because weed causes them to become paranoid. There was also one extreme case, it was my sister's friend. She used to love smoking weed until all of a sudden she suffered from a severe panic attack, and from then on she could not smoke weed anymore because it would make her anxiety a lot worse.

  11. Okay. :smoke:
  12. I smoke to escape
  13. relax & unwind
  14. to experience its effects...
  15. I..uh... don't know. o.o
  16. To help with anxiety and to experience the greatness.
  17. I like unwinding at the end of the day with a few bowls, it's definitely a relaxant.
  18. To complete my lovely Life.:smoke:
  19. to help my asthma.

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