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I smoke roachinators too much...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Warpclaw, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. Ok so I toke like 3-4 times a day with like a total of 6-8 blunts and about 4-6 of those blunts, we use roachinate. For anyone who does not know what a roachinator is (i think thats how you spell it), its basically an empty plastic water bottle where you make a carb with the lighter and then use the blunt to make another hole for blunt. Then you basically hit the bottle like a bowl. However, like once or twice a couple of days the blunts touch the plastic so it burns the plastic and we're technically inhaling some plastic. And I'm pretty sure most of you guys are familiar with the fact (?) that plastic causes cancer. Blades, think I should stop using roachinators and just smoke the blunts the traditional way in order to prevent cancer lol?

  2. Get a cheap bowl from a gas station/head shop, break up your roach, stuff contents in bowl, toke away. Try to avoid the cancer.

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  3. Or just through the roach in a bowl like a normal person
  4. Yeah I would stop using that plastic bottle. It sounds like you already know that, but let me be the first to tell you it's a bad idea. 
    If you want to try something fun with a blunt that is safer than inhaling through a plastic bottle try this. Freeze a glass mug before you smoke. Light up that blunt and shotgun it into the frozen mug and drink the smoke like a milkshake. It's fun to watch and safe than that contraption you're using. 
    what part of the little detail of you smoking TOBACCO has escaped your attention?
    I will make this easy to understand...STOP!
    stop smoking tobacco
    stop smoking plastic
  6. Aw fuck it OP. You ain't gonna live forever, why you worried about leaving a pretty corpse?
  7. The air you breath outside causes cancer the food you eat cause cancer. Plain and simple everything cause cancer now day pretty much.
  8. Get an apple or some glass to put that blunt in.  fuck plastic
    Exactly we all know, Metal Cans and Tin Foils > Tobacco and Plastic.
    …Really kids these days, "inhaling a little bit of plastic"…. I would not even bother hitting it if I new that, now or when I was younger.
  10. I realize what you are trying to say, but is plastic in such minuscule amounts still harmful to our bodies man?
    Darwin in action Mr Ham, checkmate!
  12. I make bottles all the time. They're fun but sometimes inconvenient. I have a roach that I'm breaking up with some fresh bud in a bowl right now.
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    why would you even bother rolling then? why not use a bowl?
  14. There's no amount of plastic fumes I would recommend as being safe, I mean I smoked two whole leggos and im fine but I wouldnt suggest more.
  15. yes op stop now!
    uhhhhhhhhhhh.. I can't tell if that was a joke, or you just have a really awesome story..
  17. Asks how to prevent cancer

    smokes 4-6 blunts a day

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