I should post this in the noob forum but I want the word from experts. Transplanting?

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  1. I have 2 white widows in germinating in paper towels and I want to make sure I get transplanting just right.
    So…to transplant ...

    - I make a small hole in the soil with a pen

    -put the germinated seed in the soil (use a spoon don't touch with hands?)

    -cover the germinated seed with some soil?

    -water or leave? (Last time the stem turned purple)

    I also 1 white widow seed geminating in a small growing medium when do I transplant to a lager one when it has 2 or 4 leaves?

    I also have a Mazar seed that put right into it's final growing medium (large pot) that's doing fine. I see a white looking root thing showing. should I add water?
  2. i grow ww femi since its a nice small bushy plant it fits well into my g/r (also gets u very stoned) LoL

    all i do is make a small hole (1inch or less) and put the seed in and cover, 4-5 days l8ter it should pop (can take longer) all mine popd after this time.

    keep the soil moist but not soaked!

    watch for seed shells sticking to the young plants can be removed if ur very carefull (adviseable) can stun the plant a lil if it gets caught

    plants can be repotted once roots are visably sticking out of the soil & is equal or larger then the size of ur pot this is to ensure you have a good sized rootball and it will keep its shape without braking up and dmging ur roots which can send the plant into shock if it happens.


    As for your seeds do the same as above but make sure the new sprouted seed is pointing up (towards the light) else it will have to grow out and up which will stop it from growing as fast. (i used my hands)

    i have germ'd both ways with ww and i think seed to soil and water is best compaired to wet paper and transplanted seed.

    -DeN- :wave:
  3. Thank you

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