I should know this by now, but can you guys help me with when these will be done

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  1. I am new to auto flowering strains so I'm a little confused about when to harvest. 
    It has been exactly 8 weeks, I think they look great but I'm not sure how much longer they can go and keep swelling.
    I tried looking through a loupe and even though the trichomes look clear to me i can't really tell, it's only a 60x and they're all tiny haha.
    Any opinions are greatly appreciated.
    Thanks guys!!!
    The first 5 pictures are Frisian Dew and the others are Blueberry Kush (best smelling strain I've ever grown)

  2. Jesus, I have no idea why all the pictures are upside down and sideways.
    Guess I shoulda had that figured out by no as well haha.
  3. I wouldn't let it go more than another week probably, you should invest in a cheap 30x+ loupe, beautiful girl!
  4. I see a lot of white pistols. If you are seeing lots of clear trichomes I'd say they need a week or two

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  5. I actually have a 60x but the trichomes still look so small with that.
    Thank you though.

    Okay cool thanks, I can't really tell how clear they are but I'm gonna try to look up some pictures to compare with.
  6. looks like another week or so...if you have a decent camera you can take a pic then zoom in on the computer to check trichs
  7. Wow she's beautiful. Wouldn't say anymore than a week though. Amazing grow
  8. I don't have a digital camera but I'll work on getting one.
    Too bad my s5 doesn't have a macro setting

    Thanks man appreciate it.
  9. Looks great, just wait a week and re check. Some strains need much longer to finish then others.
    (I don't use auto flowers though...so just going by what I know about growing)
  10. Cool thanks.
    Gonna start flushing today and wee how the next few days look.
  11. So how are they looking now?
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  13. Yeah the last 5 are blueberry.
    I can't believe how many crystals are no that one, I wish I could send a picture of the smell.
    It's ridiculous.

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