I should be able to choose where my tax dollars go

Discussion in 'General' started by Stoogemeister, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. I watched an interview of Serj Tankien the lead singer for System of a Down. And he said something like, when the time comes to pay his taxes he wants to be able to fill out a form, checking off stuff like schools, health car, etc. While crossing out weapons, or bombs.

    I think this is a great idea, but in reality i dont know shit. so maybe someone can provide some insight.

  2. system is one my favs and he has a good point at least let us feel like the people have some say
  3. SOAD was the first concert I ever went to. Still one of my fav bands.

    Honestly, That is the best idea ever. Could it work in reality? Who knows. If things were kept more on a local level then probably. As long as we are on a federal system, its way too complicated
  4. If you gave the option of what to pay for I'm pretty sure a lot of people are going to pick the "pay for nothing" option.

  5. thats where minimums are implemented.
  6. no because we would know we have to pay it will just get to choose for what
  7. oh "go" as in the money will -alright yeah I dont have to explain it I get what you mean then. yeah I agree with that then haha
  8. i pick..... mmj research what about you guys
  9. They don't want to give us too much power.
  10. Ehh...not really such a good idea considering most Americans can't even make a informed decision on elected officals. We tend to base our choices on 30 second commercials.
  11. "Each person would have to pay the full fee for
    the service regardless of their ability to pay.

    Our tax system is based on our "ability to pay." The more money we earn, the more
    taxes we pay. And the opposite is also true. If we earn a small income, we pay less

    Well most people would just check of something else and leave something as say national defense's out of budget? Or another field.
  12. How would you be sure it got to the thing you wanted it to go to?
  13. does it matter wouldn't you morally feel better if you thought you weren't paying for the tools we use to kill people?
  14. I love Serj's speechs during his concerts ahaha.
  15. You choose to give the money to the government by choosing to live in America.
  16. Gvmnt would never let this happen. Soo much fuckin money goes to national defense, and it's probably our governments main concern in order to keep our status where it is.

    Also if we lost our power, other countries would probably take advantage of that. Although I'm pretty against war and all our money going towards weapons, I just dont see that changing any time soon after we've came this far doing it this way.

    Although I do like OPs idea.
  17. I think a mandatory defense fund is reasonable, but a reduced one at that. Our tried and true method of National Security is called the '2nd Amendment'.

    While a national military is necessary to protect the nation, they are controlled by the government, and who is supposed to protect us from the government?
  18. Hm, great idea. I have yet to see this interview! I used to have a hugee fucking crush on Serj Tankian. And his solo, Elect The Dead, fuego. I can't wait for Imperfect Harmonies. :yummy:
  19. Tax choice is a great idea...but it's not easy to find via a Google search. So I took the liberty of giving it a Google friendly label...pragmatarianism.

    Here's the Wikipedia article...Tax Choice...and my blog entry with a list of other pages on the topic...Choose Where Your Taxes Go.
  20. Too bad even if this was how things worked, just like the red cross, and most donation bullshit. The money never goes where you want it to.

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