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I see alot of familiar names...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by The Rev, May 21, 2003.

  1. It begs the question, "Do old Yahookans die, or go to Grasscity?"


    The Rev
  2. haha maybe, i was never a yahookan though! that site sucks!
  3. And they told me you guys were all peace and goodwill over here. ;)

    Actually, I'm a moderator at YaHooka, so I can't agree with you. We have more than our share of immature antics, sure, but that's our character. YaHooka is the ADHD kid, in the classroom of weed forums, but it's a good kid.


    The Rev

  4. quite a few of us called yahooka home before here, annnn who ya callin old? lol......die?, no we just found the city.
    thanks to aerolblurg,critter an okie. thank you boys.
    as for adhd, gota few in every bunch.
    congratulations on your moderator status at yahooka your all doing a fine job. :D

    peace and goodwill
  5. "Once upon a time this land was green and good, then the darkness came"

    That's what i have to say about Yahooka. It used to be the shizzle, but now it's just shizzle.

    Welcome, rev! good to see ya here.

  6. What can I say.........I reside here because in general we pass no judgement and its such a loving, stoner envirnoment!!!!!!! I love all you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. an who doesnt loooove flowers? :)
  8. just like with a bag of grass and finding a couple of seeds,
    it only takes a couple of moronic flamy posters to degrade the quality of the forum.
    but i suppose good things can grow from seeds, if nurtured enough. problem is, seeds dont tend to resist and talk shit back to ya as much. :D

  9. True, true........they always brighten up any room or mood for that matter!!!! Daisies are my favorite though........thats why I like summer so much........i make my crowns out of daisies and anklets as well. I love flowers (except roses...those are too superficial in my opinion)!!!!!
  10. never getem myself (roses) handfuls of picked posies are my favorite, its not my fault thaat my children cant read "wildflowers, do not pick/mow" ok maybe they can read em must be why they run'em into the house..."*smile here mom just for you...*
    ill also take the blame for that one

  11. Ahhhh..........thats still really sweet that they would think enough of you to take the time to pick them and bring them to their wonderful mother. Children can be so amazing sometimes!!!!!!!!
  12. I love you all!!!
  13. we luv you too ;)
  14. yea man i luv the city just a whole bunch of cannabis information for my yound intelligent mind and not all the crap from kids my age calling eachother fags and gay!:D
  15. Hey Rev

    Hows it going my friend?

    Some of us old Yahookans like a more mellow enviroment!

    I still moderate at yahooka too. i just don't post as much AS i USED TO!

  16. Don't die, but sometimes smell that way.

    Hey Rev! I still come by from time to time and lurk around the old hangout. Seems there's still a few tried and true aged stoners carrying on the proud mellow tradition. Does my heart good!

    Wandered in here during one of the hack attacks over there, found a comfy spot to sit where I could still get out the back door in a hurry if I had to, wound up staying.
  17. The Rev!!! Always good to "see a familiar face"!!
    I still hit the yahooka.......innocent bystander......I'm sure I'm too stoopid to offer anything of any 'substance'!

    Anyway, welcome!! It's a cool place! We get a little rowdy every once in a while. There's a pretty wide age group here and the young' uns keep us on our toes!!
  18. dezzy I believe that thread is in the general forum. I didn't move it but that is where I found it!!
  19. hey rev...

    your posts were one of the only reasons i stuck around yahooka as long as I did. (Too many 12 year old dickheads)

    welcome to grasscity


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