I screwed up.

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  1. I've been smoking since the summer of '08 and this is the first time I've screwed up. It's not a big mistake or anything, but my mom found a lighter in the only load of laundry the smoker in the house doesn't have any clothes for. So instinctively she asks me if it's mine. (As a side note, I was high when the question was being asked.) I told her it wasn't mine and that i might have just picked it up off the ground at some point and stuck it in my pocket. Of course, it was a horrible lie, and I sounded really NOT believable.

    So now I have to be vigilant about hiding my stash and keeping this stuff down because my mom will start looking for signs if she is curious. I've decided to move my stash from my headboard to my laptop case.

    any other pointers?

    *Totally off subject, but I'm still high from the incident. So much so that it feels like the room is turning upside down, and gravity is no longer a law.
  2. lol well im pretty sure theres no age limit to buy a lighter.. so you should be set, just tell her that

  3. Don't, EVER let your guard down, because for that one moment you do, and you think nothing will happen because it's only one moment, is AWLAYS the moment shit goes wrong.

    Blaze away from home, and when you come home, make sure your remotely sober.

  4. uh, not true
  5. You should have just denied. She would have automatically started to come up with reasons as to how it got there, but as long as you deny, all her theories regarding you cannot hold true. Eventually she'll give up or settle on the false reason, leaving you free and clear.

    So I repeat, deny, deny, deny!

  6. realy? im pretty sure if your atleast like 12 theyl sell you a lighter i remeber back in 7th grade you could just walk in and by one
  7. tell her you set up a sort of campsite in the woods somewhere, and bought it to start a fire. you didn't want to tell the truth at first because you thought they were going to get pissed and think youd start a forest fire or something.
  8. Tell her you took up smoking (assuming you're 18), or you were messing with some fireworks with your friends. Make sure to hide your stash OUTSIDE of your room if possible. For example, I hide my stash in my basement's unfinished ceiling if I sense my parents to be on to me. Just stick your bud in a jar so it won't be mauled by insects or whatever and hide it somewhere they'll never look.
  9. I've been I.D. multiple times buying a lighter haha you need to be 18
  10. Oh yeah, they love that.

  11. [​IMG]

    You should make yourself one of these. They come in handy.
  12. i've been looking at hide-away objects like cans and books. I only have a few months left at home before college, and I want to make sure I dont get caught in the process. thanks for the ideas.
  13. Key rule is not to get high and get lazy. Make sure when you're done to put everything in the right place.

    Hopefully you dont have a cold. One time my mom said I was doing coke because i was sniffling a lot (ive never done coke). I was even on antibiotics from the doctor for having a cold and she still thought it was because of the coke haha.

    Mothers can be funny hahha
  14. good idea
  15. I usto use a hollowed out book for just a small glass piece, my grinder and weed..

    but.. I have accumulated alot more paraphernalia and no longer use the book :smoking:

    oh.. and just lay low, hide your shit real good and just toke at a friends house for awhile
  16. having a lighter doesn't mean you smoke necesarilly. My parents and I always kept lighters or matches in the house for incesnse or candles(in case the power went out, since were in hurricane territory). The fireworks excuse sounds pretty legit too.

    Anyway, there are alot of headshops that sell containers that look just like soda cans or junk like that but they open in the bottom. you can make a discreet opening in lots of household objects for free just be creative.
  17. She's on to you, what you need to concern yourself with now is damage control, I can't emphasize that enough. She's probably already mentioned it to other people and begun searching for evidence, pack as much of your personal belongings as you can into a large bag tonight and burn it somewhere rural where there isn't going to be any witnesses, the next thing you have to do obviously is kill your mum, she's a witness and can't be relied on to hold up under interrogation. It may very well be necessary to kill your entire family just to be on the safe side because the cops, and I'm not fucking with you here, if they find out you were in possession of a cigarette lighter, they will put you away for life, there won't even be a trial, I mean, do you have any idea how much of a big deal it is that somebody found a lighter in your pocket? you're looking at 50 years minimum in a maximum security lock up for this.
  18. dude it's a lighter
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    Thank god someone was able to read the line in my original post that was pt 0 font about how i wanted smartass responses. those always seem to work out the best.

    yes, i know its a lighter, not that big of a deal to some. I guess I need to apologize for the inability to change cultural differences between families so my parents become indoctrinated with the lifestyles other people on this website have. I will try to learn magic next week to fix the problem. in the mean time, thanks to everyone who gave an actual response.
  20. tell her you like to light off fireworks. And then if she asks where the fireworks are just say i already lit them off.

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