i saw light tonight

Discussion in 'General' started by 93til, May 9, 2011.

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    i just saw light for what it really looks like while i was on my roof blazing, and i shat bricks. ill try to explain

    you know this shit they show you in schoool and your like "the fuck is this?"

    it all makes sense now, right after i chiefed this fat kief bomb i looked up at the moon and all the light surrounding it looked exactly like the diagram, like i could see every individual color that made up light all coming from the moon to earth like a giant rainbow through space

    im high asshit right now but i swear i feel like im one with the universe now i can do anything
  2. What you saw were alieans
  3. probably smoking laced weed bro
  4. We are all one. There is no such thing as death. We are the imagination of ourselves. Pain is an illusion. (cue Twilight Zone theme)
  5. Chemtrails...:smoke:
  6. Wow what you smoking
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    not even dude we only get the finest bud up in norcal lol, but no joke i wasnt tripping or anything, you know when you look at something bright like the moon and theres all those blurry rays of light coming from it that you cant really focus on? i saw them coming apart into each individual color, cuz thats what light is, its just a mix of all those different colored rays into a whitish color which is how you usually see it

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