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I saw a UFO.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by FallbackRoflHax, Jul 29, 2011.

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    Before I start this story, let me set the scene.
    Me and about 4 other people were just walking, having a great time. We had just finished a fairly decent sesh of about 2 grams of some pretty good mids. Seeing as how it was getting late (about 12:30 and 2 of us had work it the morning,) we all started heading to the bus stop. About 2 minutes into the trek, my friend A notices 3 fairly large lights in the sky. Just 3 solid white lights. We all started staring at it, trying to come to a unanimous decision as to what it was. 2 thought it was just some far off lights, the others thought plane, but the first thing I said was UFO. I dont know if i actually was seeing what i was seeing, but it scared tue shit outta me is what i know for sure. we just watched as it slowly started hovering right across the completely clear night sky, and slowly started changing the shape of the light balls (eventually they had an almost red tint to them) but we saw it disappearing behind a set of town houses.
    I was a just speechless. Was I trippin? I look to my friends only to see the exact same look on their faces. We had actually seen a UFO.

    Has anyone else here ever had encounters like that? I want to hear your stories. Do you think we are really alone?.
  2. Couldve been a plane?
  3. You were high and you saw an airplane. That's pretty much it.
  4. Well at first we all thought it was an airplane but 2 things struck me during the show. 1) there was absolutely NO noise whatsoever and 2) it was going way too slow and the lights were moving completely flat across the sky.
    Yea I was a little stoned, but all 5 of us saw the exact same thing so that's gotta count for something.
  5. I believe u man.

    I think i saw a UFO last night.

    I was having a sesh in my backyard at like 1 or 2 and looking through my telescope that i got for my birthday :D.

    N e way i looked up from a bong hit and saw like 3 large white lights move across the sky way fast, and like it moved to perfect and fast to be a plane so i thought i was a shooting star but then the light faded after 5 seconds??

    Idk what it was but i was also seeing this meteor in the sky that was def on fire and moving rather quickly lol i thought i was gonna touch down.

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