I ripped her

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  1. As the title says, my FB has a tear or a hole or some shit in her lining? She said she took a mirror up there and looked and saw a hole or something im not sure how she was describing it.. shit kinda grossed me out to be honest. 
    Our time together will soon be coming to an end, a potential suitor has entered her life and hes quite a bit older than me and so is she, us being together just isnt an option but we still do shit. Anyways just wondering how long something like this will take to clear up and is there any risk of infection? She can walk fine but it hurts when she pees shes saying; ive done some research on it myself just looking for some people with experience on the subject, first time this has ever happened for me.
    And no im not banging a married chick, she does have a kid n shit but daddy took off a long time ago, shes single but it doesnt seem like she will be for long, wanna get one more session without a rubber in, her time is coming up at the start of feburary, a couple days into the month anyways. 

  2. As long as your dicks fine keep pounding on her ass.
    Wont fit.
    Lube it up and force it.
  5. We've tried for 45 minutes before, lube and everything, i dont have a long dick by any stretch but it is pretty big; it just aint gonna fit. 
  6. i dont know man but when you said a potential suitor came i started cracking up, what is this shakespeare? a question for the women of gc.
  7. Its just the word that came to mind, i look at the two making a great couple which is why i wanna get one last nut in lol

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