I really want to smoke a blunt with the Weasley twins.

Discussion in 'Movies' started by DankDinosaur, Sep 28, 2010.

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    The munchies would be spectacular. Canary creams and ton tongue toffees and shit!
    What strain would you roll for them?
  2. weasel skunk haze....its potent stuff man
  3. Harry Potter... tee hee hee.
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    Well, Fred and George would be fun I'm sure, but I'd really rather get high with Dumbledore.

    As far as strains go I think it'd have to be a magical strain... "Dementor's Kiss", "Golden Snitch"...
    Yes, I'm sad.
  5. I like the chocolate frogss,:smoke:
  6. Chocolate Frogs would be far too much to handle whilst stoned. They'd be hopping all over the place.
    I just couldn't deal with that, man.
  7. Lol, true that bro. I wonder why they never like cast a spell on it to make it stop or freeze, i mean there wizards right??:smoke:
  8. I want to smoke with snape, he might chill out a bit.:wave:
  9. I always thought of the weasley twins as tokers tbh. I wish I was a wizard. lol.
  10. Poor Fred... :(
  11. Ok, I just confused the "tags" with "users viewing this thread". I thought Fred and George Weasley were browsing this thread! hahaha man I can't wait to get this blunt rolled up.
  12. I want to smoke with Hermione...see if the ganja would help her loosen up a little. ;)

    Or maybe I'd smoke with Tom Riddle....
  13. I'd get high as shit and walk around the halls talking to the paintings. I mean, I already do that but it would be more fun if the paintings talked back.
  14. Fred is dead, baby.

    Fred is dead....
  15. i always thought how different the movies would be if Voldemort bought an SMG instead of using his wand lol
  16. dont you mean wiz khalifa?:smoke:
  17. Im guessing you guys are talking about harry potter :confused: I've never read the books or seen any of the movies :cool: lol
  18. Hp is the shit, i cant wait for Deathly Hallows pt.1
  19. ahaha

    also to the OP + rep to you for making me laugh so hard after only reading the title.:p
  20. OHTRUE. What about like Horcrux Haze... Or a Unicorn-Phoenix hybrid. You don't need a broomstick to fly :D

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