I really need work advice.

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  1. As I'm from the UK I'm not too sure about how it works, but I'd assume somewhere you'd have some form of standing, especially since you had a review and it was not addressed in the slightest. Try and seek advice off people you know who are in managerial roles, or failing that possibly legal advice?(although of course I understand seeking legal advice comes at a cost)

  2. In California employees and employers agree that an employee is hired and will work "at will" which means an employer can fire someone for no reason whenever they want and an employee can leave whenever they want. Basically the only way I could do anything would be to say I was wrongfully terminated due to an issue with my religion or race or orientation. I could do that but I fear karma would come back and punish me for that lie.
  3. That really is a pain in the ass. I know here it's different. I was dismissed and won a payout as every company has a formal dismissal procedure, which in my case was not followed. Good luck on whatever you choose to do, and keep us posted!
  4. Also, I'm not condoning lying, but clearly this bitch lied to you, maybe she deserves to be bitten in the ass by having a lie told against her!
  5. I'm planning on moving to Seattle (not sure how familiar you are with the U.S. lol) in a few months but I have no idea what to do until then. Just look for work I guess.
  6. Yeah I know my way about, most of my family live out there. Waiting for the day I do too, finally will have a chance at getting legal weed as I suffer really badly from insomnia. I wish you all the best :D
  7. I thought you needed to be written up and have a talk with your supervisor three times before being fired? Sorry for your luck

    Edit just read your previous response. Sorry about your luck nonetheless
  8. Yeah that's what I thought too at first. But I looked up wrongful termination cases immediately and learned otherwise :(
  9. Yes, this happens a lot at my job and has caused quite a bit of turmoil. It's life though and it's especially worse at my job due to family ties. The bosses son moved his way up the ladder much faster than anyone else I've ever seen and plenty of other things that aren't necessary to elaborate on now.

    Sometimes cuts have to be made for whatever internal reason and unfortunately it happens to many people. Luckily for you it's not like you've lost your job, or even close to that. I don't see where you said how long the other girl worked there but perhaps this is based on seniority, not just skill. No offense but 9-10 weeks is not very long to be working at a job, so unfortunately your level of influence is most likely minimal at the moment.

    Don't- You might be mad but have the self control to wait until you can address the issue in person. Especially because you and your supervisor are statistically a lot more likely to say something on the phone that you wouldn't ever say in person.

    It's not bullshit but you're not crazy for thinking it is. Unfortunately though it has to happen to someone, somewhere at sometime, and as I said earlier, perhaps this cut was based solely on seniority. In a job market like today's you really have to 'roll with the punches,' and take what you can get, because if you don't someone else will.
  10. Thank you for the post!! I appreciate it. Unfortunately I was fired on Monday.
  11. Damn, disregard that whole post and excuse me for not reading anything but your first post. What was their reasoning behind that?
  12. No worries! I feel bad you wrote all that out.
    I got told I've been doing a rely bad job for months...2 weeks after being told I had a future with the company :(

  13. unfortunately pretty much every single "level entry" job in the US requires you to sign something saying you can be terminated at anytime and your employer doesn't have to give a reason.
  14. Yep and I signed it. Lesson learned...for sure.
  15. Aw. I don't want to step on anyone's toes but maybe that comment had an opposite effect on you? Maybe you thought you could finally relax since your hard work was being recognized? I don't know, just food for thought. With that being said that's really unfortunate, hopefully you can find a new, better, job. :eek:

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