I really need work advice.

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  1. Ok so here is what's going on. I've been at my current job for about 9-10 weeks and it has been going wonderfully well. I got a raise last week and my supervisor told me she sees that I have potential to move up in the company. She said I exceed her expectations constantly.
    I get along well with everyone I work with, I help everyone and I am good at my job (customer service).

    This morning I got an email from my supervisor (same one who gave me a raise) saying they are switching my job duties with a different new girl and also I am now going to be working four days a week instead of five.
    This completely blindsided me. I understand the whole switching tasks things because there are areas I can improve in and same with the other girl. But this other girl didn't get her hours cut. She's called in sick twice this week, is always on her phone, is a slow worker and she keeps her hours. I am never late and I've never taken a sick day or asked for a day off.

    Before I got this email today I was so impressed by my supervisors and the company I work for. Everyone is usually so considerate. But I feel like the way they handled telling me my hours are being cut is SO unprofessional. I work literally 4 feet from my supervisor all day and she couldn't have a conversation with me?
    Oh and also to add insult to injury, this other girl was told about my schedule change BEFORE I was. She told me yesterday she was working Saturday instead of me and I asked my boss to confirm my schedule and she said she couldn't until today. Well she fucking confirmed it for the other chick yesterday! I'm supposed to work Saturday and 2 days before they decide to change my whole schedule??
    I'm just so pissed and confused about this whole situation. I've been crying on and off all day which is mainly because of me pms-ing but I'm also really upset about this.

    1. Has this kind of thing ever happened to you?
    2. Why do you think this is happening?
    3. I am calling my supervisor to talk to her about this tomorrow, any advice?
    4. Am I crazy for thinking this is complete bullshit?


    My boss gave me a raise and said I was doing great and then cut my hours last minute through email and I was the last person to know about it.
  2. I won't be much help but I can tell you that it doesn't seem like you are crazy for thinking it's bullshit. That is unprofessional their going that way about it, especially considering you asked. My only advice is when you call your supervisor, go in with an open mind. If you go in assuming the worst, first of all there could possibly be a very reasonable explanantion, but you don't want to go in to that conversation sounding mad, irritated, indignant, etc. That could cause more issues for you in the long run. Best of luck.
  3. I agree with this.

    In the past I have temporarily cut back the hours of good employees to train new ones. It was strictly budgetary.

    Maybe this was all an oversight, maybe it wasn't. You won't know until you talk with your supervisor. :eek:

    Good luck.
  4. ^^^ truth

    There could be plans to move you to a salaried employee. Just don't freak till you have a reason to do so.
  5. You guys are really making me feel better so thanks!

  6. What you think your the first crying pmsing woman we've dealt with! ? shhhiiiiit! .

    I'm kidding please don't murder me nice lady.
  7. ask your boss whats up, just be like why are my hours cut short, im sure she will explain it to you
  8. Well I'm going to be talking to my boss today. Meh.
  9. I would just hang in there!
    They probably gave you a raise to pacify you for cutting your hours.
    it's not cool, but it happens all the time.
    there is always the opportunity that more hours will come...
    i don't know exactly what you do or how it works, though
    i say just follow your gut instinct and try not to worry too much as long as you have a place to stay
  10. I had a similar incident a few years back, but a year ago I found out the real reasons why this turn of events happened.

    There are two possibilities I can think of for your situation, but I sure hope that that the former is true rather than the latter.

    1) Like what everybody has said so far, it could be budget related.

    2) Another co-worker is slandering your name to advance their own ambitions.
  11. Hold on , they have rules to follow. Possible what's goin on is they are gettin ready to fire the other girl. You say she messes up alot, so they are covering all there bases. Just talk to your super and ask her point blank why. Show her you got BALLS!!! Don't be one of those wimps. You got to be an ass kisser, the little bitch, I've been there,done that and I became my own boss. I loved it all the hours I wanted but you got to work hard for it show her you got what it takes. Take your time don't over do it. I hate those slackers who skate by at work and get away with it ,just want to rip there heads off and shit down there necks. I'm disabled because of fucks like them. I worked 60 to 90 hours a week,bustin my ass to get the job done. I ran smokehouses, cookin hams,picnics and other pork products. I rattle on sometimes.
  12. as the dude who makes the employee schedules at my company..

    shit just happens.

    Ill cut back someones hours temporarily to train someone to be a part time relief, or if im preparing to move an employee etc
  13. This happened to me and I was thinking the same thing as you, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise! Don't take it as a bad thing. As an example ;

    There are 2 employees, 1 is a regular worker that gets paid 7.75/hr and works 40 hr/wk, and the other is a supervisor/trainer that gets paid 15/hr and works 35 hr/wk. It could be all because of the switch of your role. Perhaps they are switching you so you can get more training to move up in the company? It really seems like they like you, and I really don't think that they would do that to be assholes.

    As for your questions;

    1. Has this kind of thing ever happened to you? Yes
    2. Why do you think this is happening? It could be happening for a multitude of reasons,
    3. I am calling my supervisor to talk to her about this tomorrow, any advice? If you decide to talk to them, do it in person. Go in during non-peak hours if you're not working that day, so you don't disrupt them from anything.
    4. Am I crazy for thinking this is complete bullshit? No you're not, but you just need to maybe sit back, relax, and take a hit :)
  14. Thanks for all the responses guys. I'm not going to respond just yet...I'm on my phone and it takes me forever to type.
    Quick update though...I asked my boss to clarify the schedule switch up and she said she is going to email me. I'm pretty sure they've changed the schedule around again so that me and the other girl are.rotating days on and off. So I'm fine with that.
    Buuut I did walk in on my supervisor and coworker talking about an employee dinner this weekend I was NOT invited to. That was pretty fucking awkward.
  15. you come ride with me girl you wont have to worry about this 'work' thing its all dreams baby
  16. People sure can be some real assholes these days. Hope it all works out for you.
  17. Can I get that in writing?

    Also thanks Buddah :)
  18. Oh so I got fired Monday. Over the phone :rolleyes:
    The same supervisor who told me I was doing a great job and had a future with the company two weeks ago told me I've been doing a horrible job for months.
    So yeah...all my paranoid thoughts were right lol. I was actually talking to my Dad about how I felt like I was going to be let go and he said I was crazy and then my phone rang. 5 minutes later - no job.
  19. Aw, sorry to hear that. If you were doing such a terrible job I wonder why they didn't say anything to you earlier. That sucks.
  20. wow brutal.

    Should fart in your supervisors sandwich

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