I really need to stop smoking before I go to sleep..

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by harley19, May 23, 2010.

  1. I always end up having the weirdest dreams. For example.. here's lastnights. (Keep in mind this is all a dream :p)

    I was bored, and wanted a new way to get high. I came up with the ingenious idea of food - but with a twist. How it would work - make potato salad (i wonder why I dreamt of that.. I HATE the stuff) and put small bloches of it on my legs. Put a bit of weed in every small bloch of it, and then lay down in the grass. Here's where it gets WEIRD.

    After that, my plan was to wait for ants to eat all of the potato salad off of my legs (WTF right?) and then when they were done, gather up all of the ants and.. yeah. I woke up right when I layed down on the grass (thank god).

    Anyway.. share your most messed up dream!
  2. i find that i dont really remember my dreams at all when i smoke. im sure im still dreaming, but i have no memory of it. only on a day where i dont smoke or im taking a t break or soemthing, i remember my dreams. its really weird honestly.
  3. I smoke every night right before I shut my eyes, I remember nothing and sleep like a baby. If I don't smoke, I'd probably catch a couple of turbulent, uncomfortable hours.
  4. last night i fell asleep high as hell and had a dream i robbed a house :confused:
  5. I always go to sleep high and I always have dreams... very great dreams lol I am close to being able to control them.. but I can't - this is probably because I'm high.

    Like last night I dreamed that I went on my backporch to smoke a blunt with about 15 of my friends? (that is like probably every single friend I hang out with on a regular basis, never at the same time. must have been a party? lol) and my neighbor who doesn't really like my house and vice versa had torn down the woods in the back of my house and planted fields of tomatoes everywhere.. there was lots of piles of burning wood everywhere... and then I got PISSED and for some reason I fought some other guy that was at his house?? And my friends also had a brawl? then they got called from a loud speaker (i am not in high school anymore so idk...) like at a high school and my old principal said (as if it was the voice of God) "ALL OF YOU TO THE OFFICE!" so we went in my moms room (the office I suppose..) and she gave us free pain relievers and xanax? WTF?! She does NOT do that hahaha and I dont ever hardly take pills so... crazy dream...

  6. lol im calling bullshit but good story
  7. So this was before I started smoking, but one day:

    There were two scuba divers, neither of which was me, who were just submersing themselves in some body of water, with a large rock formation near them. They get under water and swim to the side of this rock formation, to find that it is an open cave with an underwater entrance. They go inside and find the floor and walls covered with large craters. Then suddenly, life-sized English speaking bugs come out from these craters and begin speaking to the scuba divers. They finally turn on lights in the cave, to reveal a massive space with roller-coasters everywhere. Turns out the bugs are famous roller-coaster builders and the scuba divers have stumbled upon their factory. They are testing many roller coasters that they have recently built, and one bug is on a roller coaster with a jump. The jump ends up being a failure, the bug falls out of the roller-coaster cart, and I wake up.

    I still have no idea how any of this dream had anything to do with anything.
  8. Also last night, I dreamed that my dad and I moved to Philadelphia. My dad tells me that we need to go for a walk, that he wants to find a new coke dealer. We are walking down the street, and a guy strategically drops a dime bag near me. I pick it up and proceed to talk to him, when he asks if I smoke and the rest. I say yea, and he hands me just a huge, huge bag of buds. So me and my dad walk home, and i toke up.

    This is crazy because people dont just give out free bags, especially large free bags. And my dad drinks one beer every like week, he would never touch coke.
  9. i had one a while back about me and a old ass childhood friend who i havent seen in years. me and him were chillin in this warehouse, it wasnt scary...lights and shit, wasnt dark...but the atmosphere (this isnt going to make sense) was "RL Stine." fucking rl stine, the goosebumps author, was the atmosphere. anyways, we were just circling the stuff in the warehouse. if we ever touched some of the ancient shit, a voice came from above and started saying a spell in some old tongues. we had to touch a door for it to stop, but we couldnt run, we had to walk. we never found out what would happen if he finished the spell, but i had a bad feeling about it. weirdest shit ever :confused:

  10. no i dont think it's wierd man. im kinda like that. i dream when high but nothing out of the ordinary. if anything, theyre more normal. whn im sober theyre fucked. i also dont get these kids who talk about all the bizarre shit they do whil high. if anything im more normal. leveled out.

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