i really need some help from you guys. [HELP]

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  1. hi,

    i’m really new to this. i’m growing a feminized autoflowering seed from ICE HEADSHOP. it’s auto critical x auto cheese. i’m running it in a diy grow space which is a cardboard box lined in aluminium foil. being fed bio-grow every 5-7 days. running two fans on the setup one blowing in and one blowing out. it’s about three weeks old or so. and i’m using a 40w led purple plant grow light. i just need your guys opinions and whatever help you can give me! i’ll link some photos. the box is closed all the time aswell.
    thank you, i hope you can help me and give me some advice!

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    how close is the light to the plant ? what light is it? dont need to feed much nutes in seedling stage. also what size pot is that ? or is that still a cup. what is the medium your using , is it a pre mix or plain soil

    also I have never seen straight edge leaves before Kudos lol

    edit** if that is a cup and has that little amount of soil in it that's prob your problem right there. as a beginner I would def recommend planting straight into a the final pot they usually say no less the 3gal but I am currently running in 2 Gal as I also have a small space and things seem of for my area all depends on your situation

    this is my auto girl in a 2 Gal fabric pot so far
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  3. hi thank you so much for replying, the light is an amazon LED plant grow light 40w. it’s like 10cm above the canopy. it’s in vegative stage apparently. the pot is a kind of big pot for the stage rn, it’s about 30cm deep and the medium is compost with tea leaves mixed into it! what do you think i should do now? and does it look good so far?
  4. i’ll switch pot asap, and is straight edge leaves good or bad? thanks for your help by the way it means so much!
  5. I duno I have never seen it personally these are what my current auto looked like a week 3 and this was after topping not that I recommend new growers do to a auto if not confident [​IMG]

    I'm starting to think it's possibly the cheap Amazon light maybe as it looks kinda stretchy? hard to tell from the angle of your pic.

    but may be a mix of light - genetics and pot ? autos don't really like transplanting but there is a way to do it just like topping.
  6. i’ve switched my pot, bigger pot now. about 3 gal. it’s in. the light is very close to canopy and it’s about 40w. i am kinda stuck on what do to ;(

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  9. as for your next step maybe someone else can help as I have never grown in compost and tea leaves etc

    I tend to stick to living soil water only (very easy you should try it next) also try getting a new light if you can cheap Amazon blurple lights are know for being bad it's my first run so far with the spider farmer sf1000 (100 watt) and all is great so far only using it at 65% power

    anyway I wish you all the best wish I could help more but better if someone else that knows why you have straight edges leaves can help
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  10. thank you very much!
  11. it looks like it's already started pre flowering?
  12. yes it does which i’m finding weird?
  13. could have been stressed alot
  14. should i start over again with a better light?
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  15. You need more light.......the plant looks like it's in reveg.
  16. is it possible for autos to go in reveg, and i’ve just ordered a better light it comes tmrw!
  17. yes yes 1000 times yes because that setup WILL NOT WORK AT ALL
  18. so it’s the light that’s fucked me up? thanks for the help.
  19. Required watts per square of grow space using Cheap led lighting is 35 to 40 watts per square foot.
    Using quality LED lighting like HLG is 30 to 35 Watts per square foot.
  20. it’s more of a closet grow type of space. so should i be alright with 100w LEDs?

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