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i really miss good weed. :(

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Nutrition Facts, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. can we possibly fit anymore seeds in a DIME?
    do these growers know how to separate males and females?


    sadly, this is the exclusive "dank" in my new area. I've been looking for months. (imagine small town redneck forest.)

    I just moved back from south florida. I would buy quarters in miami without seeing a single seed. ( ...for the same price)

    oh well, its smokeable.
  2. :eek:.....:bolt:.......:cry: dam bro sry to hear that.
  3. sounds like a personal problem. too bad you werent here in green bay smokin some white rhino... :(
  4. if u live in a rural area and u just got hella seeds, grow some chronic and solve ur problem for free :)

    growng really isnt too hard, the growing forum is really helpful for getting started and trouble shooting if u encounter any problems. good luck
  5. ouch that sucks man im sorry to hear that , and see it :(
  6. sounds like you need to take a drive into a big city to get some buds.
    Or as it was just said, try growing those seeds :)
  7. I can't believe people actually sell shit like that. If I was a grower, I would be down-right embarassed to put that out.
  8. mids are grown in huge fields by drug lords, theres no picking out the males they just let everything grow.
  9. I have the same problem!!! I just recently planted one nearby =D
  10. #10 lanman, Oct 2, 2010
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    shit man that sucks you got ripped the fuck off hard, you only got like .5 for 10 bucks and alot of it was seeds and stems. it doesnt matter where you are, brick weed should never ever be more than 10 dollars a gram. if i wanted to i can get brick weed for about 3 dollars a gram and im from the suburbs of chicago where weed is notoriously expensive.
  11. bro, if i bought that bag and i got it home and saw that somebody would have given me my money back and more. lol
  12. get like 150 bucks and go to home deopt bro, give it 3 months and your troubles will be over.
  13. You could probably grow for almost free if you really wanted too. Its time to start.
  14. Lol thats not a dime thats a 1$ sack at most. 50 cents sack?
  15. Man don't be discouraged yet though, if you keep looking around arkansas, you'll find some bomb ass weed. I have some friends that live over there and they get awesome dank fo cheap, just keep looking, bro:smoke:
  16. Just wanna say: it appears you're in Alaska. You can grow weed in your own house (its protected by Alaska's right to privacy in one's own home). Why don't you separte the males out yourself! Also, you should be able to find something a little better than that in a place everyone can grown weed in their own houses. My little brother had a girl up there for a while, doesn't really smoke, and still got some amazing weed in Alaska.
  17. I miss smoking weed period
  18. we get 1.5g's of that for $5 here.

    I would start a grow man, shits so cash.
  19. I've got some bagseed growing, looking pretty nice :)

    @OP Sorry to hear about that man, those seeds are the new dime sack
  20. #20 Nutrition Facts, Oct 4, 2010
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    It has crossed my mind. :p
    I'm half tempted to have some of my florida buddies mail me something.

    Agreed. I've never seen anything above average around here. The growers range from the 60 year old hippie dads who grow bagseed for extra cash, to the 18 year old redneck white kid who painfully flashes his gang signs and calls his dirt weed "dank-blueberry-kush-dro"

    that may be true in Tijuana.... but no, not around here.

    yeah, but if you put it like that... everyone here is getting ripped off. This is the same garbage all of my friends smoke. If I was still in florida i'm sure I could get weed for $3a gram for mids aswell.

    haha... good luck with that. What you see in the picture is as good as it ever gets here.

    oh yeah? well, I guess I'm going to come live with you in dollar sack land. haha.

    I don't live anywhere near Arkansas.

    I don't live anywhere near Alaska either.

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