I really hate we snobs

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  1. Today me and a friend bought a half o of schwag for $20 because we were gonna have a smoke off. So we called my 2 thee friends and we were gonna smoke them out with the schwag and when they go there try saw it and freaked out like it was dog shit I mean obviously it doesn't taste good hut it gets you high and it's not your weed, so then try just left cause they don't smoke shit. Fucking bitches
  2. I usually just buy Schwag for parties or if I'm going to a buddy's house and I don't wanna throw down my good shit.
  3. Whatever more weed for you. No offense but 20 for a half o? Must take atleast 4gs to feel a sligt buzz.
  4. Roll joints.

    I never fucking buy schwag because it is pointless. I may buy high end shake but never shitty weed because it is cheaper.

    Quality not quantity. Especially when you invite friends to blaze. I keep a bit of a private stock but I always let my buddies try my high end shit.
  5. I agree TC. If I could afford to smoke only the finest herb I would, but I'm a college student with more important things to worry about financially.

    When I go to the grocery store I don't buy T-bones and ribeyes, I buy the cheapest ground beef I can.

    Shwag still gets you high, it's not the same high but people have been getting high on lower quality plants befor high end weed was even very common.

    40 dollar OZ of shwag will get me high all day, every day for maybe four or five days. 40 bucks worth of dro? Won't last me very long at all
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    If you know how to cook that ground beef will taste like 5 star stuff, man. Believe me, my currently broke ass knows first hand.
  7. I don't smoke schwagg either. I don't even smoke mids. :eek: I don't freak out, I just say "nah, I don't smoke brown" or "I'm good"

    Besides, if I'm going to put in, people better not be putting in mids/schwagg to match me.
  8. playa
  9. Shoulda told them it was shwag before thy came at least
  10. It gets u high, I dont see why ppl complain other than the taste
  11. Dude that's crazy, I'd be freakin out too. I'm poor but I only get fire bud, I'll pass up swag every single time it's offered. I hate when people try to match me with swag, because one of my blunts is equal to 4 or 5 shitty blunts. One time my friend told me to come over and smoke a blunt, he described the shit like it was gold. I get there and find out it's dirt weed, needless to say he gave me gas money.

    Around here dro is 25/g but if you buy half a zone it's around 13.50/g. So hit up your friends who deal in weight, I sell a gram for 20 but sometimes my buddys get it for 15. Maybe a buddy of yours can help you out. I really hate to see people smoking dirt weed, Its pretty sad. People need to raise their standards IMO, no offense to anyone.

    And also, ive never come across a schwag dealer, the worst ive ever got is chronic which is 65 a zip. It will get you pretty high but taste like shit, and is not worth smoking.
  12. no matter how much of that shit u smoke u never get as high as a bowl or 2 of the good shit...

  13. You know this guys high .
    Skipping all weed related info
    Heading straight to the
  14. I haven't seen dirtweed/brickweed/schawg since moving here. Even the street people smoke excellent bud. :)
  15. we snobs!
    there's a difference between being a snob and being aware of when you're putting shit in your body. Who knows who's grubby little mits have been all over the dirt weed? there's a reason it tastes like shit, yea it's cos it wasn't harvested at a good time, yea cos it wasn't dried properly, and yes cos ultimately it was probably raised in dirty conditions and harvested by the hygienically challenged. last time I had cheap stuff I got for free as baking material, I tested the potency as I normally do by making a single serving of 420hot cocoa. The milk that I infused tasted like dirt, but I can't be pissed for a free half oz. made an ass ton of cookies
  16. I smoke headies bro, 20 a gram the high quality herb.
  17. Damn, I wish I could get a half for $20, regardless of quality
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    Even the street people ??!!
  19. i believe in buying the best quality weed you can buy because i feel like ultimately i get higher and have a higher ceiling effect the danker the weed is, and also because taste is very important to me.

    rolling and smoking a blunt is one of my favorite activities, and whether it be that or hitting the vape, i don't want such an activity soiled by shitty tasting weed.

    if i really just cared about achieving a shitty buzz, i have nutmeg in my cupboard.

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