I ran out of weed.....

Discussion in 'General' started by DCIGS, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Right now I feel like a crackhead (not that I would know what its like to be one), but like I feel very desperate right now. I cant just chill. What do you guys feel like when your run out of weed?
  2. Sometimes im good sometimes I "crack out" too and scour pieces and tables I broke weed up on. Or go looking for that nug I know I dropped
  3. That is a bummer, I was out of bud and I am chilling home tonight. Luckily my friends are cool well because we are all ACTUALLY nice to each other unlike other groups of friends I have witnessed before.. he gave me a half eighth of some fire before he went out to party because.. well he is a nice guy that is why. Too bad you didn't live around here I would blaze you the fuck down.

    You live in cali, from what I read on this site is that there should be bud on any corner. I bet you could go ask someone random tonight and they would blaze you out. I don't know if randoms are nice in Cali but in MN most everyone is friendly stranger or not.

    Scrap some jars for kief if you are desperate that is what I usually do if I don't have any and I can't sleep or something.
  4. Im out of weed and my dealer is dry, I feel like I want to be desprate, but I dont give a shit at the same time.
  5. You could be the first person ever in California to resort to smoking resin...
  6. Yeah man Im sure there is lots of weed here in Cali, but you have to know the right people cause lots of people claim to have "fire" but its actually real shitty weed.
  7. Yeah man if you're in LA on New Years, you can get a smokeout easily all night haha. Probably lots of parties going on too.
  8. Sometimes i'm okay without it, and sometimes I'm also running around the house looking for it. I get stressed to easily and it's my best relief.
  9. lol if i knew id give u some shet weed for free, im not that big of a smoker, i wouldnt deal with that bad weed
  10. I had that earlier. Then I found 4 grams I lost in my car.

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