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  1. So yesterday was my last day of smoking pot and today I'm thinking about it and now that I think about it it wasn't a very good idea.
    I thought about how pot wasn't doing anything bad for me and hadn't affected me in anyway and then I thought about how it may have affected.
    I have been smoking for 1 year and now without it idk I quit cold turkey and I feel depressed.
    Any of you guys quit recently or quit any tips.
    I know the first few days are hard.

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  2. If you want to successfully quit, find hobbies and new things to do that you enjoy. Do not sit around and do nothing or try to live the same life you did when you were smoking, it will make you start up again. If you frequently smoked, you will be surprised as to how much extra time you will have, which can be a good thing or a bad thing. If you have any problems with eating initially or with loss of appetite, eat small bland things like bread and apple sauce to avoid losing any weight and make sure to take a multivitamin.

    I've quit multiple times and I usually am fine the first month or so, then the longer I go without smoking, the more I want to just smoke that one bowl. Then when I finally do I get right back into again.
  3. I'm not planning on quitting forever lol but for like a month or so, and thank you

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  4. I would probably call that more of a tolerance break than I would "quitting".
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    I have currently not smoked for 3 months and have 3 to go. It was a forced break, which makes me want to smoke more.

    I have been exercising a lot, cleaning my house and truck almost daily. And working as many extra hours I can. It definately helps staying busy.

    Its all about how you look at it. If all you do is sit around thinking about how bad you wanna smoke, then your not gonna have a good time.

    If you fill your mind with other things, you almost dont have time to think about weed.

    With that said, I can't wait till december 23rd when I can smoke a fat bowl. Lol

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  6. when I quit took a break from medicating, I smoked cigarettes a LOT more.
    when I quit took a break from cigarettes, I medicated a LOT more.
    seems like I can't quit both at the same time, but if I had to choose. meds all the way :)
  7. Same here man. In the last few months of not smoking weed iv doubled the amount of cigs I smoke.
    When I can smoke weed again im totally gonna try quitting cigs. There a nasty bitch man.

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  8. I've been smoking every day for a month, yesterday I tried to take it lighter than I usually do, and I did. Problem is the night before I went to a friend's house and kind of overdid it.
    I had chest pains and really bad upper back pain for a while. Now I also didn't do my stretches and cardio yesterday either (was rainy I didn't want to go outside), but regardless I've felt like I've got to cut down at least a little bit. First day so far not smoking, it really gets tough if you have things that you were treating with weed.
    I have horrible anxiety that makes it really hard to do almost anything, antidepressants weren't helping but weed really helped me a lot, started doing more and living my life finally how I wanted to. But with me not vaping the weed anymore there's some things that are going back to normal.

    If you're quitting cold turkey and for good, it's probably a good idea to get rid of your weed and your smoking stuff, I'm not really wanting to do that, plus I need to learn to limit myself with basically everything (not something really anyone taught me so I'm teaching myself, it's awful for me being this age I know).

    Most important thing I've found so far is just to have things that you're doing. Anything to keep yourself away is good, sleep for the first little while if you're able too, exercise, lots of water, all that good stuff.
  9. I smoked it for ten years and I am now off of it for 6. I don't know what to tell you but it should defiantly
    Be easier to break a one year habit than a ten year one! Lol stay active and possibly get something to focus hand movement on its quite like quitting cigarettes which I recently gave up too lol main thing I believe is to keep the hands and mind active I believe and also I found chewing gum to be helpful and eating nuts as the hand to mouth from smoking action was replaced by nuts and gum! Hope you get to where you want to be!

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  10. I was smoking twice daily for about two years and pretty heavily for about 3. I quit in July. Can't start again until February for my Grad school drug test.
    It's easier because I know it's either my future or weed. I just quit cold turkey. To kill time I hang out with friends a lot more, almost daily. Weird thing is I don't really miss it. I smoked so much prior to quitting it's almost like I got it out of my system.

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  11. Don't leave me bae :(
  12. Good luck. 
  13. It's always good to take some time off, a month break always gives me a new perspective although I haven't taken more than 3 days off in a long time. Enjoy your sobriety but you're going to start smoking soon, I'll bet money on it. Tips: first 3 days suck but the rest are fine.
  14. Smoking a lot less now, but I haven't gone a day yet, pains started coming back and I can't take a bath to deal with them right now because there's no hot water.
  15. Lol just started smoking again 😉 I tried lol but I like the bud anyways thanks for the help guys.

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  16. Try getting a hobby to keep yourself busy.

    protip:  getting high does not qualify as a hobby.
  17. Cannabis is definitely a psychological addiction, or at least based on my exp. You will find it gets easier as you go.
  18. My issues with being dry/on t break.

    A) I couldnt sleep even before I started smoking every night, so on the nights I gotta go without, im up all night.

    And B) im always sooo goddamn bored, and being stoned is kinda something to do. Who would choose being bored, over being bored and stoned.

    Tonight is one of those nights :/

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  19. Go to a 12 step meeting for support. Or go get yourself arrested. Good luck!
  20. http://youtu.be/z_dzDb5v744

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