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I quit my job..?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by yearly12, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. So after a Friday night of partying drinking and lots of smoking I stupidly went into work late and hungover. My boss instantly requested a drug test be down after she saw how bad I looked. I took the drug test and she called me back to her office and said I had failed for weed and alcohol and they don't have a tolerance for that there. She said I could re-test at a hospital on Monday to try and keep my Job. I quit because I knew I would not pass but I just told her I didn't make enough for all of that on top of a 20 minute commute. I was given the test by an EMT and I had to sign a paper that Im pretty sure said the results wont be revealed but I am not sure. I just knew I was fucked when I stepped into the office. I worked at a small water park in IL making food getting paid less than minimum wage at age 18. Will the test results most likely be given out to the next employer? I am really worried about this.
  2. nah your ok
  3. Thank you for your responses. I was also wondering what I should put when the ask to contact this employer on applications. So far I have just marked no for that employer and yes for my other former two
  4. No they cannot tell your next employer because a drug test is considered medical info
  5. You didn't quit your job you lost it because you showed up intoxicated.
  6. Yeah, they're not allowed to tell other employers for that is personal is confidential. Good luck with getting a new job though, my man!

  7. So if my boss asked me to re-take the urine test Monday to keep my job and I responded by saying No, I would like to quit I was thinking of quitting because I only make $7.75 an hour and I did not want to go through all of the trouble. I also told her that the 20 minute commute was not worth only $7.75 an hour and an hour of my life was worth more than that. She said that is fine and its my choice.
    So I got fired is what your saying?

  8. Sounds like you quit if you ask me.
  9. Lol does it matter? You don't work at that shithole(from how you described it) anymore!
  10. dude im getting paid .10 over min wage and i can blaze up with my managers at work, and i work with food at fast food, not all managers, but for the most part everyone is chill about it, let alone giving you a drug test for LESS THAN MIN WAGE, wtf maiine get a new job.

  11. If you read he was perfectly fine quitting his job that payed under minimum wage.
  12. Cannabis is more important than currency.

  13. Fuck that haha. Not worth the time and money for someone who won't even give a shit haha, but I get where your coming from.

    I actually like the OP's response where he pretty much said the job wasn't worth a 20 minute commute lol.
  14. Not like it matters OP. Sounds like a shitty job but you could have ended it on much better terms, now you can't use them as a reference. Sure you can, but they will more than likely say you came into work late and intoxicated, that they can say. I don't know how long you worked there but it seems like a waste to work there for X amount of time and now you can't use them as a reference.

    Overall though, just bad judgement on your part. If you knew you had to be in for work and you got fucked up and were late, you pretty much deserve getting fired, because that's basically what happened.

  15. I agree this was my fault. I worked there for a month. What would you suggest doing on future applications. Should I just leave the job off or should I put to not contact them?
  16. Don't worry they cant give out the results of that drug test.

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