I purchased a new enail, and have a few quick questions?

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  1. So I just purchased an enail, and it's arriving tomorrow. So before usage, I have a few questions.

    The enail comes with a male/female Universal titanium nail. Is there any certain way, if at all. That I should "season" the nail, before the first use?
    Also, what would be the best recommended way to clean the titanium nail? And lastly, how long should I wait, from the last cleaning of the nail, to clean the nail again?

    So thanks to everybody in advance, for answering, and helping me out with these questions. I greatly appreciate it.
  2. What are you talking about? I don't need any sources, I just need a few quick questions answered that can be answered in here. I already purchased my whole unit and it's coming via UPS tomorrow. So I don't need any sources or where to purchase. I just need a few simple questions answered. I don't understand what you're trying to get at. If anything inbox me like you said.

  3. Hey, I will try to help out.

    First, what brand Titanium nail are you getting and what is the rough price? You want to make sure you are getting quality titanium to dab off of, I only use Highly Educated Ti Nails and really wouldn't risk my health off of a cheap one.

    To season a Ti nail, get your rig and enail setup and let it get to you desired heat, and if you have some reclaim, take a decent size dab of that and just let it melt all over the top of the nail and don't hit it just let it vape off. If no reclaim you can use a little wax but I don't like wasting my oil.

    To clean, I usually crank the heat or blast it with a torch then use a dab tool to get off all the hard black bits, I do this probably once every three weeks to a month.
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    I really appreciate you taking care of what I'm going to be using! I really appreciate that!

    The actual titanium nail, I don't know what brand it is, but it is a grade 2 titanium nail. Then the enail unit itself, is a Vapecode brand. I also have The Pro Nail brand unit, at the house already. The Pro Nail brand is a $300 unit, and the Vapecode is $125. The reason I'm getting another unit, and stepping away from the Pro Nail is because the temperature seems to go down very very low, while pulling on the rig. Then if I set the temperature, it's also getting messed up and going to high. If I set the temperature to let's say, 680F. A lot of times, it goes to over 720F+. Plus the coil that came with it, I think what's broken since the beginning. When I move my rig a lot of times, the unit would say a bunch of E's across that temperature screen because of the coil. So I just decided to replace my whole unit. One of my friends has the Vapecode brand unit, and it works really well. So I decided to go with that brand.

    I also have a Highly Educated adapter titanium nail, That I was using for the Highly Educated hybrid titanium quartz nail. The quartz dish on top broke, so I'm just going to get a Highly Educated titanium top that fits for the same Highly Educated adapter for $30. This nail also uses a flat coil, instead of the thicker coils.
  5. Just looked vapecode up, Yeah, especially since that is likely coming from dhgate not a chance in hell I would use that titanium nail, it is not going to be Grade 2 titanium. I strongly suggest getting a good titanium nail, or get a quartz nail instead of titanium. I don't know what the Pronail Brandon Ale is so I can't comment on that.

    This is a respected Ti nail brand, not the cheapest, but it is the quality that is needed: https://grasscity.com/collections/d...ted-dualiti-enail-adapter?variant=43473478023
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  6. If you look at the reply again, I edited the post. I was not finished typing, and was using voice to text. I usually use voice to text, and then fix the mistakes. But I clicked post reply too early, by accident.

    But I appreciate your help, just check the post again, and let me know please thanks!
  7. Also, the link that you provide on the reply, does not work. When I click the link, it takes me to the site, just says oops, and something about the page cannot be found.
  8. Gotcha, yeah my link got changed but you can get the highly educated nail head off of aqua lab technologies
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    That's exactly where I was going to purchase it lol. But yeah you've been more than helpful. I thought that's how you clean it, but I wasn't sure how long you should wait in between cleaning it. I also wanted to make sure, that when I purchased this new enail, I do everything right, from the get go so I don't F up this new enail and nail. I barely used the Highly Educated adapter, I used it maybe for like two weeks maximum and the quartz broke.

    But I really appreciate all your help! You've been more than helpful! Thanks!
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    Why you talking about this here. This has nothing to do with what I'm talking about. Plus you are violating the site policy.

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