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I puked from smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TokinBro, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Last night I was hella high off these 3 dank joints with my friend, and then I took a huge bong load. I tried again with an even bigger load, and I let out a HUGE cloud with a cough, then another huge cloud with a second cough, then I stood up walked about 4 feet and puked on the ground as I was coughing

  2. lol...taking huge loads would make me puke
  3. I remember my first toke
  4. You may have swallowed smoke while you were coughing.
  5. You shouldn't take such a big load, stroke it lightly and take it all. And after such I giant load I would hope you made some food though. Food after sex is great.

    No but seriously, I remember my first bong rip. I didn't puke because I'm a champ but I did cough. And I didn't take a load I took a rip.
  6. No passie passie the dutchie for you

  7. I remember something like that. I was a noob smoker and I wanted to take big hits like my friends from the bong. So I take a really small rip and barley get milk and start coughing balls and threw up.
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    Name calling is not allowed! 420!

  9. How is OP a faggot ?? saying shit like that will get you banned :wave:
  10. I had a friend puke once while we were smoking a blunt. He started coughing so hard it made him puke. It was the first time he'd ever smoked dank, he was used to the mids he was getting down south, till he came and visited me in the northwest...
  11. I have puked from weed before. My theory is that it has something to do with low blood pressure.
  12. It happens. Have had it happen like 4 times to me. Always smoking way more than normal.
  13. Don't cough again, ever. Problem solved. :cool:
  14. I know the feeling like I'm gonna puke after a huge bong rip, but never really did it...

    Musta sucked
  15. I've puked before but never from weed, only that incense/spice shit. I have FELT like I would throw up from weed, but it was only after hotboxing my friend's car with a bong and about a quarter of dank. XD Good times. I got out of the car, walked over in the grass, bent over to puke, but nothing came out so I got back in the car and hit the bong again. =D
  16. If its any consolation I coughed some water I was trying to drink yesterday on my steering wheel...I just can't get over the shame
  17. In 2 years Ive only thrown up once from smoking and it was actually on the fattest blunt i have ever rolled. But it was more of a hugeee throat clear.
  18. You had me laughing my ass off at this, of course youd puke!
  19. Ya giant blunts make me queezy but other than that I've never puked from actually smoking. I've thrown up from eating too much tho lol

  20. That's my theory, too. Feels just like an extreme drop in blood pressure.

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