I Prevented A Rape

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  1. I prevented a rape over the weekend.  I was walking down Main Street in my city with my girl at 1:30 as the bars were closing.  Walked by the public park bathroom and heard some schuffling and yelling in the womens bathroom so I walked in.  Saw some dude holding down a girl in a stall holding her wrist and I just asked "uhhh, everything ok?"  The dude responded with "Oh ya, we just talking" as the girl, wide-eyed, shook her head and mouthed no.  I just asked the dude to come outside to talk and insisted.  we walked out and talked a minute and I said "You got to go" and just watched as he walked away and my girl talked with the other girl in the bathroom.   So ya, I'm pretty rad, let's hear it for me!

  2. haha sweet pretty ballsy.
  3. deets. what was his and her story
  4. Imagine if he had a gun... or a knife.... or a needle with aids...
    Fuck man, I would've got a bat or piece of metal... something.
  5. Good job. You didn't even have to break out some kung fu shit. 
  6. Well played. :smoke:
  7. Woah good job op, most people would have kept on walking. :) sending good vibes your way.
  8. I'll bet you got pussy that night. Were they down for a threesome?
    hahaha needle with HIV, that'd be so fucked
  10. I dont understand why you didnt rape him , you know to equal it all out 
  11. You shouldve gotten a 3 sum

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  12. ^ This is dank. :smoking:
  13. 90% of people wouldnt have done what you did, i applaud you for it good sir.
  14. You should have peed on them both
  15. That woman will remember you and what you did for the rest of her life. I love hearing stories like this. It restores my faith in humanity.
  16. I suggested a threesome two posts up from your post. How did you miss that? And you can't even spell "threesome" right.
  17. Way to go Op! :hello: :hello: You did an awesome thing that most wouldn't have done (and without violence)
    God, karma , the universe, whatever you want to call it, will be sending great vibes your way :) You totally rock Op! :metal:
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    OP did you not call the police and have him arrested? He's a fucking rapist! you let him get away?
  20. And potheads are the ones breaking laws...

    Good job OP. You got a big pair man.

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