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i prefer indica over sativa

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tilligetaroach, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. because i like the feeling the indicas give me, like theres pressure on me when i relax, they make me feel more fucked up, and thats what i want. i got some sour d yesterday and smoked a gram of it and got the head high, and let me tell u this was some good tastin stuff, tasted like fruity pebbles or trix cereal. but id rather have the indicas
  2. Same here. Indica really floats my boat. I love just sitting down and relaxing. Sativa makes me a bit energetic which doesn't appeal to me.
  3. I enjoy Indica's when I smoke alone, usually at night. But I usually enjoy Sativas when I'm smoking with some friends, just because it usually makes me laugh at everything :D
  4. Yeah indica is the best imo. I get crazy paranoid with sativa.
  5. I sorta prefer sativa, but it really doesn't matter much to me. As long as its good I'll enjoy it. But sativa won't make me extra sleepy when I smoke late at night, which is my fav time to blaze.
  6. yeah aint nothin better than chillin in the truck outside at night with some music goin, smokin some good indica buds, makin ur body kinda feel like its under water or somehing, idk
  7. Love a nice indica before bed, especially if I don't have to wake up early. But I have to say though, sativas just put me in that state of mind you know.
  8. I just got a sativa and every time I smoked it I would get super tired and sleep way more in that day than normal... So I really dont care what I get as long as its dank. Get a new one every 2 days so it doesnt really matter
  9. i prefer sativas fall asleep fast when i smoke indicas
  10. Sativa is better to write essays.
  11. I definitely prefer Sativas most of the time. The only time I really smoke Indicas is right before bed or if i'm about to watch a really funny show/movie
  12. A combination of the two is definatly best!
  13. i love em both try to keep a stash of both so i can smoke whatever im feelin like..but i prefer a good sativa dominant hybrid, get the intense head high with just enough indica to keep you knocked on your ass
  14. What he said ^
  15. I prefer indica, saliva heavy strains make me antsy and paranoid like I'm hyped up on meth.
  16. I enjoy smoking Sativa but it sure seems easier to come by Indica's at the Club i go to. Like seriously all there top shelf is Indica or an Hybrid.
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    I did that for English and got a D...I wanna post it so ppl can tell me if it's's on Like poets and stuff so u gotta really think deep
  18. indica's when i want to relax at the end of the day sativa's when im out chilling with people
  19. It seems like there has been a big swing towards sativas again lately. I personally love any quality herb. I can't lie, some of my favorite strains are sativas, but indica helps me more medicinally (with nausea) and all the best fruity strains are indica. I loves me some fruity buds.

    So while we're all talking about indica, what are your favorite indica strains? I love -
    Grape Ape
    Purple Urkle
    Purple Kush
    and many many more...

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