I possiable problem with The Great Fungus Munch

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  1. My friends and I where planning this event in detail the other day and the question came up that you can build up a tolerance to shrooms so would this affect the judging of them if you were to eat shrooms every other day? I have heard of poeple having to take twice as much the next day after eat some.So will the high be lowered everytime we eat them if we eat shrooms every 2 days for a couple weeks?

  2. i think humans can buld up a tolarance to almost anything.
  3. Tolerance for most psychedelics is aquired and lost very rapidly, usually in a 3 day period- no withdrawal or craving for it either, the mind becomes exhausted.

  4. Not really exhausted, mind exhaustion usualy follows a speed trip...mushrooms just slow it down a bit.

    I know that its a fact that tolerance stays for a few days afterwards. A friend of mine, Shawn, and me bought a quarter ounce once and went on a weekend trip-fest, and after a gram the first night we had to take almost double the amount to get the same effect...

    It only stays for a few days after, but if you plan to do a nice weekend of tripping it can become a pain in the ass, and the wallet for that matter when paying 10 bucks a gram.
  5. Well, being exhausted usually is followed after an acid trip. Tolerance to mushrooms, LSD, mescaline, etc. is gone 3-5 days after tripping.

  6. So basically if you want the full affect of shrooms best just do it every weekend...that sucks but hey what are you going to do.$10 a gram? Thats horrible.

  7. It's not something you want to do too often. Even every weekend can be alot. Psychedelics are rarely harmful, both tot he body and mind but doing it that much does have some unknown effects.
  8. Damn, this is making me think this whole thing over again.


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  9. Id do mushrooms every weekend if I had the money/supply/time, nothing wrong at all with it.
  10. No, there's nothing wrong with munching every weekend I was just thinking of the judging and if I and others were to judge one persons shrooms then go and eat someone elses and have the 2nd persons shrooms better then the first but we think that the 1st were better because a tolerance has build up in our system.
  11. A friend of mine does cubensis every weekend and after a while the mind still builds up a tolerence to this even at this interval. He did 3g's of Lib caps (1.5g's first then another 1.5g's after 2 hrs) and it was more or less wasted because of the tolerence.
    After doing them regularly for about 1 year he needed a break of 1 month to restore himself to full capacity.

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