I piss off a cop and laugh at his expense

Discussion in 'General' started by mr_mojorisin, May 27, 2006.

  1. So I was driving home from my friends house around 2 in the morning and I look behind me and see the flashing lights of a police car, so I pulled over and waited. I had an eighth my glove compartment but I knew he would never find it. The cop comes up to my window I see that he is my ex-girlfriends dad. He knows I smoke so I knew he was going to try and catch me then. He comes up tells me that I have a break light out. Then he asks me what im doing out so late, so I tell him im on the way home from my friends house. I could tell by the tone of his voice that he was real sanctimonious prick and I was going to have a lot of fun fucking with him. Next he said "were you somking marijuana at your friends house" which i was, but i said no. Then he said "Then you don't mind if I search your car do you?"

    This immediatley set off my bullshit alarm so I said "Sorry sir but I don't consent to any searches." He kinda just stood there for a second trying to think of what to say next. It took about 10 seconds for his 2 working neurons to crank out his next malformed sentence. "I know you were smoking marijuana, " to which i replied "so where's your evidence?" He was really starting to get pissed and he said "don't get smart with me, I know where you live, I know your parents."

    I was getting tired so I decided to end the encounter. I said "If I were you I wouldn't make threats like that, I know a good lawyer who doesn't take kindly to police harrasment." At this point hid face was beet red. He told me to get my light fixed and then he got in his car and left.

    It's kind of a stupid story but I just shows how inept the cops are and it made me laugh that his little tricks backfired.
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  2. hahaha, nice.
  3. lucky you got a dumb cop. cops around here are fucking brilliant and have the time debate with you (cuz nothing happens in suburbia).
  4. I love when you don't consent to searches and the cops get pissed. I always take my cell out and put it on my lap and set it to video record, so it gets the coversation. When the cop asks what it is, I just reply that it is recording the conversation and they back down
  5. thats cool man ur lucky he didnt give u a ticket for the tailight since u pissed him off
  6. LMAO. awesome. did you watch that busted video?
  7. Good job man, thats a good story, +rep for sticking up for your rights.
  8. well, everytime i've tried that the cops claimed they smelled marijuana and that was reasonable cause to search my car ;(

  9. Nicely done. :)
  10. i see that you've the clipps out of your sig wykid, but the dodgers arn't exactly anything to write home about either
  11. Bro, One time i got rolled jus for being parked on the side of the street with 4 guys in the ride. Searched and everything because exact words from one of the cops "Your in the PJ's, You come out here to buy crack.".

    No bitch, I live here, Along with one of my homies lives 4 blocks down, My other homie lives like 20 blocks down. Then one a couple citys over but shiet. Still.

    We deff buyin crack, since two of us live right by here. Shiet.

    Fuck tha police.
  12. Nice man! Hahaha it's hilarious when cops get pissed cause they can't search. :p
  13. hey bro, you live in detroit city or outside? i live in ann arbor. i shop at the stairway and 42 degrees. you?
  14. That's a nice story. Not too many like that though, you definitely got lucky.
  15. You shouldnt be mocking this cop, he had every right to search your car. If he suspected you were high he could search your call and you couldn't do shit about it. You got lucky bro. And i guarntee he would of found that 8th in your car..their not stupid man.

  16. The cop doesn't have "every right" to search your car without probable cause. I doubt having suspicions because a kid used to date your daughter counts as probable cause, but who knows these days.
  17. im going to have to keep that in mind:p

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