i phones are bad in my opinion...

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  1. hey blades its peter paper here just showing off a little i honestly ened up fixing the phone and just working with it and i got a new job everythin worked out so swell happy tuesday blades...

  2. Iphones are great imo. But im glad everything went good for u
  3. lets put it to a vote
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  4. In the smartphone world I went from Blackberry to Android to iPhone to Android to iPhone. Both Android and iPhone have their pros and cons but they both do the shit I need them to do. I don't trust the judgement of folks who hate one or the other.
  5. I've owned both and very much prefer Android on the sole fact that they are so much easier to customize and add files to them. Trying to add a movie or show I have on my PC to an iPhone was an insane process
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    I found the customization options on Android entertaining but they were generally meaningless in terms of usability of the phone. I liked how I could forward a text as an email and vis versa. I liked how files are kept in folders like a PC but that never ended up being functionally important to me. I've had more hardware failures with Android phones than with iPhones. I really didn't like the extra touch buttons on the face of the phone. I often would accidentally hit them even after a couple of years with the phone with both my Androids.

    I like the simplicity of iPhone hardware as well as how the buttons do their job and where they're located. I prefer the solid feel of iPhones. The OS is nice and simple, which I appreciate. I'm not a fan of itunes but it works fine when I need it to. I was really pissed that when I updated the OS on my iphone 4, which turned it into a sluggish piece of shit.

    I only replace my phones when they don't work well anymore or they get destroyed somehow. I might not have a smartphone except my work pays for it and certain apps are very useful for my work (I haven't paid for a cell phone since Nokia's first color screen phone). I don't like typing on touch screens and I definitely don't like watching shows/TV on phones. I have an ipad for movies on flights.
  7. I think my iPhone is horrible, but it's so old I could sell it to a museum.

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  8. Wait so some one leaves a phone in your dads taxi and you just take it and breake it?...

    iPhone is great imo. The main company that is trying to make encryption a daily use. I have had my iPhone dropped, rained on dropped in pools and still going. That and I love the apples hotspot maker.

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