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I Passed I Passed I Passed My Test:d

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. i can now legally have ACNLP in my signature:D

    Arkansas Certified Nurseryman and Landscape Professional
  2. So now you're offically a "tree" expert huh Norm? :D

    Congrads to you my friend!

    *Shaking the rump with a carrot sticking out for 'Ol Norm*
  3. pretty sure this is the first and only time i will say thank you for shaking your carrot ass at me:S

    i passed with flying colors:D
  4. Congrads on the ACNLP Norm..

    There is an anal in that some where isn't it?? LOL:D
  5. i think indiana took care of all the anal stuff
  6. congrats on the out..........Sid
  7. [​IMG] doing a happy for norm dance [​IMG]
  8. YAY!!!!

    Cool for you, Norm!!!! Just think, when the green stuff becomes legal, you'll be landscaping with pot plants instead of shrubs! :D

  9. congrats a shit load... I'm sure your hard work has paid off. blazeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeitup
  10. passed the test..... now go smoke the fattest joint you can afford...... peace

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