I ordered online and think I’m being scammed

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  1. shipping company and shipper are telling me package is being held at customs. It was supposed to be shipped “discreetly” today I got an email and phone call saying if I don’t pay $760 for a stamp “fragile” the police will open the package and come and arrest me. So I sent them $200 and they are telling me they are cooperating right now. I feel like o got fucked but , the dude online lools legit over 900 followers etc... wouldn’t customs just open it , is it possible it’s actually being held and if I pay the 760 it will be released , also the shipper and shipping company said as soon as it’s released they will
    Refund the 760? Thoughts
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  2. SCAM
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  3. scam - customs would just open and come get you no notice - it is like the lottery scam that was out there - here is 1 million dollars you just need to pay the 5000 in taxes and it is yours - you send the money and never hear from them again ......
    send them nothing - report them if possible to stop others from being scammed
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  4. I ordered from allegedly a dude in CO, tracking info and shipping company looked legit, crazy AF thanks I didn’t think customs would be involved because it’s state to state not international
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  5. DC Seed Exchange is the only place I will deal with US based on the east coast
    Home - DCSE
  6. Thanks ,
  7. It looks like a SCAM.
  8. <-- knows your Ethiopian Uncle with the millions to give away. He and I are old smoking buddies. Send me the $760.00 and I'll expedite your order personally. In fact I'll just double the number of seeds you bought.

    We've seen this Scam played for while now.
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  9. Fuck you sent them an additional $200? Bro..... Lol
  10. Scam. In another realm, I once gave someone information who had hundreds of vouchers, why they decided to break, and scam me for my measly account who knows.

    Never know when a man might just snap.

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