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  1. What are some things that never occurred to you, took you by surprise, or just plain caught you off guard when you realized them?

    For example:

    When I was a teenager growing up, my parents watched Who Wants to be a Millionaire? every night. Recently I watched a rerun when Regis hosted; prior to seeing his name in the credits, I always thought his name was Fillman, rather than Philbin.

    Regardless, I felt stupid. Care to share? :smoke:
  2. I thought his name was Fillman too lmao. :smoke:
  3. Until about the age of 7 I thought that "human beings" was "human beans"
  4. I always thought the moon could be sniped and in turn magnified until about... 5? Hahahaha

    I always thought weed was sooo bad.... until about 12, when I started thinking for myself, even with the shit surroundings.
  5. growin up I would call suitcases 'soupcases' and my mom woud make fun of me a lot but other women thought it was hella cute
  6. I never realized, up until about age 6, that I should shut the door when I masturbate.
  7. Kim Passenger haha
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    Haha, when I was younger I thought the wicked witch was the 'pickled' witch and that nostrils were 'nozzles.' Kids are so cute.

    Also had a friend who had a speech impediment, and once asked my parents if she could 'put my dick in da fire yet' when we were about to roast marshmellows lul.

    Oh, almost forgot about 'bare naked.'

    Anyone else picture nude bears? o.o Maybe just an Alaskan thing...
  9. when i was younger i thought the world was full of superheroes and cool shit to do...nothing but positive things. I thought candy was the best shit in the world and i felt like everything was good and nothing was bad. Then i grew up and realized that it was the total opposite. The candy was the worst shit in the world for me. Superheroes were fake. More negative than positive. Corruption around almost every corner. and people going crazy daily. haha i don't let it faze me but it is pretty overwhelming.
  10. When I was younger I never realized how shitty life is.
  11. I used to think that 'lacky bands' were called 'lucky bands'. Now I think they're lucky :)
  12. True story here!

    I had a teacher in 2nd who used to say "Idear" instead of "Idea"

    Then one day I she tells me to spell a word on the board. That word happend to be "idea"

    So I go up and write "Idear". She's like "Why did you put an R on the end"

    I'm like "Uhh cuz that's how you say it"

    She went over, erased the R, and told me to sit down.
  13. Haha, my cousin said the same thing for the longest time. He also called washcloths 'closhwaths' until he was 10; my brother and I used to make fun of that all the time.
  14. I thought getting the "hiccups" was actually called getting "handcuffs" unyil I was maybe 9. haha
  15. My relatives from Louisiana all do the same aha. To funny
  16. When I younger I thought it was hotel suites as in a suite and tie.
    Also I never realized I was a complete nobody until about 20 y/o

    Sell a couple 20 bags and think I was the bigwst boss thus far
  17. I remember getting mad at adults for telling me that my problems were trivial as a teenager..then I grew up and realized that the majority of them were lol.

  18. So true. I work in a clothing store and I here teenagers talking about their meaningless problems. I'd like to just throw baby powder in their faces.
  19. You should, then pat them on the head and tell them wait until your first tax season and the rent is due. Haha
  20. That more smokers then I care to admit are pretty illiterate and give the rest of us a bad name.

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