i never liked beer

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  1. i dont know you guys but for some reason i dont like beer just the taste is gross but there is some that dont taste that bad but still id rather just have a little bit of liquor and get drunk quicker like that but anyway i dont think im the only one. Is there anyone else who doesnt like it or am i alone on this?
  2. Nah downing a few brews with los cuates is the shit. Beer isn't that bad just find some decent shit.

    Can never go wrong with a High Life. St. Pauli Girl is a favorite of mine. Coronas and Tecates own. Rolling Rock is also a good choice.

    EDIT: Oh yea I can't exclude Cerveza Gallo. That shit is delicious. Guatemala's finest.
  3. I like beer... alot. But it depends on whether im trying to get drunk, or just have a drink after work. Also if you live in the USA all the beer here blows, something about the pastuization process removes alot of the flavor for me. So in conclusion if your ever in Europe try some beer their, and if you cant do that just try wheat beer (widmer brothers), and you might be plesently suprised
  4. Beer is an acquired taste. I used to hate it back when I started drinking, now I'm starting to enjoy it.
  5. I love beer. Liquor is gross.

    But I drink both heavily.
  6. almost know one likes beer when they first start drinking.. Once you've put in a couple heavy days it goes down like water.
  7. i love beer, and drink it every single day at my job with my homies, i get to hang out with my friends every day at my work, me and 2 of my homies drink 2-3 tall cans of BUD ICE each, cold of coarse every day, and i try to follow it up with smirnoff green apple vodka, 6-8 big shots, and 2 cans of fullthrottle energy drink, thats like from 6pm-2am, then after work i kick it with my other homies, and smoke at his appartment, i love my job :D but not as much as i love my bud ice!
  8. dont worry, where in the same boat. although im starting to like the taste more and more as the days go by. i still dont like it but i think its true that the more you drink the more you like the taste. maybe in a year or so i might actually enjoy the taste
  9. That's my story as well. I never used to like beer until I really got to try a lot of different kinds. You really start to like it when you drink it a lot. Now I generally prefer beer over liquor. Beer pong is also more manageable and a lot less dangerous than full-fuck-shots-of-151 pong.
  10. I love the taste of beer.

    Fuckin nasty ass camo silver ice piss warm is straight man.

    I drank natty ice warm on the reg.

    Shits so quenchin haha.
  11. I have to agree with the OP, I don't like beer at all either. I just can't get used to the taste.

    Liquor is good though, depending on the type obviously.
  12. [​IMG]


    A chick whos down to rip some beers a turn-on.
  13. You're on your own. I love beer.

    Nectar of the gods.
  14. You just gotta find a beer that you can bear the taste and then keep drinking it and you will like it. You need to drink Pale Ales, Lagers, and Stouts to find out what its really about. Once you find a beer you like and drink it for a while try some others. Not that American Bud Light and corona shit. Bud light taste like fucking water. I don't even consider it beer. I love beer though like Natty Light, Coor's Original, Fosters, Sierra Nevada, Busch Light, 211, Miller Lite, Michelob Ultra, and Grolsche. Really all alcohol taste like shit. Just gotta find what you like.
  15. Only beer worth mentioning.

    Silver or Black? (HG or Triple Export Malt?)
  16. Silver HG, never seen Black before.
  17. Yeah, unless she does it with you every night. She's not going to be much of a turn on when her gut sags lower than her tits. Its hard to hide 15 beers a night when you're starting at 110.

    No offense to any chicks who drink beer though.

    EDIT: KSR, have you had Oberon by Bell's? That's my fucking shit right there. They are a brewery in either K-zoo or Grand Rapids, I can't remember which.
  18. Suposivley black tastes WAY better with same alch content. Ive seen the bottle but never drank it.

    Its more common on the west coast and i know its avaliable in alaska for some strange reason.

    I agree with ya there, But i rip major brews and workout everyday so its whatever on that subject.

    I like a girl who cant drink as much as the guys no doubt but kill a ocuple beers is hot. To know she dosent have to go drink those girly drinks, Like shes more down to my level on some shit like money wise.

    But naa ive never had it, I dont try many new brews unless they 40's cuz im not ballin these days.
  19. Well hey, I like the smell of beer, maybe there's hope for me yet! ;)

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