i never knew this could happen

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  1. Well last night was pretty mucha big blur but ill try and tell you as much as i remember. We started the night off with a couple bottles of sky, after we finished the first bottle we decided that we want budz. So my friend talks to her mom and she gets us like 5 grams for 30 of this dank skunk. Well we start smoking and i was feeling kinda funny so i told them i didnt want anymore im good. Well they keep smoking and decide to go to mcy D's. I tryed to get up but that took almost all my energy so i had my friend help me up and we went to the car. Well everyone was ready to go when i felt like i had to boot so i opened the door and blew chunks EVERYWHERE basicly put a nice little cover on the fresh snow. And i thought it was just from the chinese i ate earlier cuz it was kindof sketchy lmao( my friend claims she found the wiskers to a cat in her chow mein). Well i went home and passed out because i was not feelin great. woke up this morning and decided i would take a gravity bong loads, but when i pulled out the bud the smell of it made me wanna boot, I never knew the smell of weed could make u sick but it did which is weird cuz i usually love the smell of dank marijuana. w.e.

    ps. sorry if that was overly stretched out as i didnt want to just have a 2 sentence post lol sorry im kinda high:smoke:
  2. Paragraphs son, it's hard reading one huge sentence.

    Ha, that sucks though man, some people can't handle booze and pot at the same time.

    They smell making you want to vomit will probablly pass though, and you'll be all good :)
  3. the weed probably only smells like that cos ur prob still a bit ill - some foods do that to me when im sick
  4. Yeah bro I think whatever you get fucked up off the night before, isn't appealing to you the day after if you're hungover from it or some shit.. But I can't imagine ever wanting to chuck after smelling buds haha, that must be terrible for you..
  5. There are times when I DON'T want to smoke anymore... I actually prefer to not drink and smoke... They make me get the spins!
  6. the weed makin ya want to boot. thats happened to me once.

    i was partyin all night, drinkin alot, smoked a bud blunt after not smokin bud in a long time. and i ended up buyin some bud from the guy that had the blunt.

    i got the spins that night, threw up lol.

    the next morning i wanted to smell and look at the dank i got and it made me sick
    at first i was like NOOOOOOO how can this happen?? cuz i think it smells good normally

    i think its just a hangover thing for me with alcohol. sometimes any smell makes me wanna toss when im hungover

    but after like recooperating and when i started to feel better the dank smelled awesome once again.
  7. i hope it passes over cuz this is some dank:smoke:. The weirder part is that its only this spicific bud that makes me wanna hurl, like i can smoke the mids i got withought getting any stomaches or the boot feeling. But when i try and smoke the dank i just cant do it haha w.e. it will last longer lol.
  8. Same thing happened to me on New Years Eve. It's what happens when you smoke potent weed and drink. Some call it crossfading, some call it getting crunk. Whatever it is, it makes you nousceas as hell and gives you the spins. Yah, the smell of weed made me wanna upchuck to, and so did the smell of food. It hits you hard, just be careful when you smoke and drink. You should be better in a few hours.

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