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Discussion in 'General' started by someonehigh, Aug 8, 2002.

  1. I need tips on building homemade para,(bongs, pipes, etc.) if anyone has any tips for me or even a website to visit it would be much obliged. thank you.
  2. If you're in a pinch then crush one side of a pop can and poke some holes in the indent for a bowl and then smoke away...although if you ask namron he'll go apeshit because hes against anything aluminum.
  3. thanks nubbin, i know that method, and i also have devised a way to make steam rollers with a toilet paper roll and alluminum foil. It works good, but i just had my bowl "Frodo" and my bong "Senor Agua" confiscated, so i'm trying to find everyway possible to make things with my own two hands. I appreciate the reply and the tip.
  4. SON OF A FREAKING UNDERSTATEMENT....APESHIT...i go freaking whaleshit if anybody uses aluminum...NO NO NO..ALUMINUM KILLS, IT IS WORSE THAN assCRACK...say it with me now
    no aluminum
    no aluminum
    no aluminum

    please please please, for all things holy created by the great aardvark in the heavens, DO NOT USE aluminum!!!
  5. Hmmmmmmm.............this may sound a little stupid because I've been smoking weed for almost 13 yrs but here goes. How is smoking out of a popcan bad because of the aluminum? We used to always use one whenever we didn't have papers and that was before I bought my bowl. Just curious.
  6. well..we used to toke a lot out of "pop cans" and we would always get super sick and a terrible headache and honestly thought we were dying, then we thought the shit was laced, then figured out it wasnt, and it was just all around terrible, basically i just dont want anybody to go through what we went through, its all in good fun, but also has good intentions as well.
  7. Namron_420s...........thanks for the info. I never got deathly sick from smoking out of a popcan. But it does have my 2 brain cells thinking. I used to keep awful headaches back in those days but I thought it was the weed or smoking too much or not eating for days. Hmmmmm............maybe it was the popcan. Can't really say for sure because I haven't used one in years.
  8. Yeah..There have been reports saying that the aluminum (and more importantly the chemicals used to color the cans) can give off unhealthy fumes when you smoke with em...namron is overreacting because he smoked some weed laced with toenail polish....but I see his point
  9. nubs, your just jealous cuz you cant get the good toenail polish shit way over thar in orEgUn

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