I NEED YOUR OPINIONS! Help out a n00bie please =(

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  1. Hello all!

    I'm going to be picking up some equipment from a friend tomorrow and thought I should get around to buying a grow tent and fan/filter combo. Originally I was going to make my own grow cabinet, but thought that as a beginner I should make things easy and buy a tent.

    This is the tent I'm considering getting: (click picture for link)

    I'm also having trouble choosing a good fan/filter combo. I will be keeping the grow tent in my room and don't want it to be too loud. In some of the ones I'm considering it says it may be a little loud even though the ads say it has quiet operation. I've never tried growing before and this would be my first time so I'm uncertain as to how loud it will actually be.

    Here are the filter/fan combos I'm considering:
    [ame="http://www.amazon.com/Hydroponics-Inline-Scrubber-Carbon-Filter/dp/B004Q2ER5C/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top"][/ame][ame="http://www.amazon.com/Hydroponics-Inline-Scrubber-Carbon-Filter/dp/B004Q2ER5C/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top"][/ame][ame=http://www.amazon.com/Hydroponics-Inline-Scrubber-Carbon-Filter/dp/B004Q2ER5C/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top]Amazon.com: 4" x 8" Hydroponics Inline Duct Fan & Scrubber Carbon Air Filter Combo Kit: Kitchen & Dining[/ame]
    [ame="http://www.amazon.com/Earth-Worth-Filter-Combo-Hydroponics/dp/B005Z1EZYQ/ref=sr_1_23?ie=UTF8&qid=1321401277&sr=8-23"]Amazon.com: Earth Worth 4 Inch Fan & Filter Combo For Hydroponics and Grow Tents: Patio, Lawn & Garden[/ame]
    [ame="http://www.amazon.com/Hydropronic-Inline-Carbon-Filter-Control/dp/B002ZJNW1S/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1321400938&sr=8-6"]Amazon.com: New Hydropronic 4" Inline Fan With Carbon Filter Combo Odor Control Air Quiet: Patio, Lawn & Garden[/ame]

    Has anyone ever had any experience with any of these products? I haven't found any reviews on the grow tent either. Is there a reccomedation as to which fan/filter combo to get and whether or not this tent is a good one for me to get? (As you can see, I'm on a budget and would like to spend as less as possible but would like to keep things quiet and odor free. I will also be using an Oreck XL purifier in the room)
  2. Oh and if it helps, I will be using a 125Watt CFL grow light and willbe producing about 5 plants.
  3. Lame. Just realized the tent doesn't ship to Canada for whatever reason. Any tent recommendations as well?
  4. sorry I'm not much of a tent guy ;v/

    ...on the fan/filter combo...most of the inline fans are gonna be pretty loud unless you insulate them. I've been around a few different brands while in use and they all seem pretty much the same. Also how you mount the fan and ducting is gonna make a huge difference on how loud it is....even if you get a super quiet fan, if the ducting is real restrictive you'll still hear the 'whoosh' of airflow.

    For a tent that size I'd put a 400w in there, I understand if that's not in your budget at the moment but try to work up to it eventually. I have a current grow that's about the size of that tent with a 400w in it. I use a 150cfm panasonic whisper fan and a 6" x 24" filter to cool it. The panasonic whisper is actually a bathroom fan, and they are literally whisper quiet...the first time I plugged mine in I thought it didn't work. those are about 130$ shipped...and they're really only useful if everything else is quiet as well. I use this style of fan in growboxes that sit in rooms that occasionally have visitors. btw 150 cfm is way below recommended airflow fer a 400w....but these fans have good pressure and my ducting is real 'smooth'

    I think if you do go with a inline fan/filter combo you could get away with using a 4" system since you're using so little watts. I'd try to pick up a combo with an oversized filter though, it will make for much better airflow and the filter will last much longer and work better too :) sorry I can't recommend on combos either. I had to buy all my stuff individually cuz I use weird equipment ;)

  5. Thanks so much for your input Bongsauce! (love the username btw =P) I realized that when I was looking at all those links, I was on the USA Amazon website and to my disappointment none of the above postings were available to ship to Canada. -__- LAME!

    I ended up getting this grow package: (Click picture for link and information)

    I realize that the tent is a lot smaller now, but that's what you get when you're on a budget I guess! Do you think this model would allow me to grow about 5 plants? And what do you suggest I do for the inline fan to be a little more quiet? (This tent will be in my room) I heard that there are noise mufflers or something but I know absolutely nothing about them or where they hook up to =P
  6. I built a little four an a half by five room..i have a 600 watt lamp hps. I hung a maxfan over the light and put ducting through the wall to the can fan thirty pound filter outside..the fans pretty loud inside the room but outside the room you cant hear anything just air coming from the filter...not that your in the same position...the tent though im sure id hear my fan no problem through a tent..there arent keep you awake loud though..how many plants you plan on growing

  7. I'm sorry but I didn't really understand anything you were saying. Although, I'm pretty baked myself. Hahaha

    I'm planning on growing 5 max.
  8. Lol sry... the max fan is an inline fan with 3 speeds..its connected to ac ducting..on the other side of the wall is the filter.. it's called a canfan filter... get rid of all the smell...pretty much its as important as your lights imo
  9. Ahhh yes I have a can fan included in the tent kit actually. If you click on the picture it includes a list of everything I'm going to recieve!

    If the tent is 1'4 x 1'4 x 3'11 - how many fans do you think I need? I can't seem to find information on how many fans, how many cfms or power or anything online. I'm completely clueless.

    My grow room isn't that big and like I said, I plan on growing 5 plants (if they can even fit in there) and was thinking about using a couple of PC fans as a means for my air cooling in the tent.

    This one is less than $20 and comes in a pack of 4!
    [ame=http://www.amazon.ca/Coolermaster-Cooler-Master-Silent-R4-S2S-124K-GP/dp/B000O8I474/ref=pd_cp_ce_4]Coolermaster Cooler Master 120mm Silent Case Fan 4-in-1 Value Pack (R4-S2S-124K-GP): Amazon.ca: Electronics[/ame]

    I can also get a cheap PC fan air controller for about $20 as well and I would be able to control all the fans with this one controller.

    What do you guys think? And do you think I should get a fan controller for my inline fan or a duct muffler to keep the noise down?

  10. I wouldn't get a muffler...just wrap it with some duct insulation.

    those pc fan controllers are great if you're running multiple fans. I use a 'kaze master server' it does a bunch of cool stuff like monitor temps and adjust fans accordingly. It's amazing the technology you can get in those little fan controllers for a bout 20-40$ ...they even have touch screen ones and remote units.
  11. Thanks for the tip! I was actually looking at the cool touch screen ones but heard a lot of problems with the NZXT Sentry 2.

    I will def look into the Kaze Master Server. How many PC fans do you think I would need for my grow tent? And I'm glad I don't have to get the muffler cause they quite pricey. I don't think that my inline fan has a hook up to the pc fan controller, so do you still think with the insulation I'd need a fan speed controller for my inline?
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    ya never know with the inlines..really depends on how the ducting is ran...I'd say just get a cheapo speedster controller for like 20-25$ if it's in yer budget... it's nice to have later if temps change a little. You can wait on it if ya want...I dunno if you have harbor freight up there in hockey land, but they have router controllers that are the exact same as the speedster fan controllers. Those usually run about 25$ as well.

    oh and on the fans, I think like 2 or 3 blowing air around should be good...

    I also read a few issues with the nzxt's ... I read a ton of reviews on multiple sites before going with the kaze server one...it definitely had the best reviews and far more control over fans and temps then all the others.
  13. hey man, just fyi with cfls your going to need them VERY close to your plants because the light fades very quickly. i've read that 100watts plus 50watts per additional plant is what most use. i personally have 8 26watters going but i'm thinking that this is still on the low side. i have six plants but i'm not counting on all to be female so will probs be left with 2-3. for 150w cfl that's probably what you want to stick with IMO.

    and i've also seen people wrap a sleeping bag around their filters to keep noise to a minimum. don't know if that's an option for you but i think i saw that in one of cervantes' films.

  14. GOT IT! I was so unsure on how many I should put. There's no where that really has this type of information that I could find online. I'll def go for the Kaze one! Thanks so much Bondsauce <3 You are a savior.

    I have 5 feminised Northern Lights seeds right now. I'm planning on growing 5 plants, but I don't think I can fit them all in the tent. We'll see when it arrives I guess. The light I have is a 125 watt CFL with a reflector hood. So do you suggest getting a couple more CFLs? I'm just not sure where I would put them since my lighting package is so huge.

    Sleeping bag huh? Hahaha sounds like an option. If not, I'll have to opt for a fan controller at some point and will try the duct insulation as well!
  15. Dude that thing is bad ass
  16. What's bad ass? Hahaha
  17. hi ,you will need at lest two 125 cfl for 5 plants,you can buy a hood with fittings for two cfl ,or could you go to a250w sodium lamp which would be better for light getting to the lower parts of the plant.you could still use the cfl for seedlings ,and to suplment the sodium lamp,mac

  18. I might have to upgrade my tent to a bigger one because I think I'd be able to fit like 2 plants max =\ I have a friend who's willing to sell me a 400W HPS/MH lighting system for cheap, would that be too much power for 5 plants?

    What I might do is just use the GL40 grow tent for clones/seedlings with my 125W CFL light/reflector hood and get a separate tent for veg/flower growing in. Would I be able to use my GL40 grow tent for harvest drying as well? Would I need the same ventilation for seedlings/clones as I would for harvesting?

    Would this be a good package for growing 5 plants?
    400W Grow Kit 400 W HPS MH Digital Ballast 40"x40"x78" Tent 6" Fan&Filter Combo | eBay
  19. I dont kno what king of budget you have, but there are alot of helpfull links on this site for DIY that really can save you a pretty good wad. Shit even check the classifieds you never kno what people have and are willing to sell for cheap... I hope this helps and good luck with your grow..
  20. Also try to use as much stuff that you can that you already have you wouldn't believe the uses some items have that you wouldn't even know about unless you use a little common sense. I built 90% of my grow box with shit I had laying around the garage,. Sorry for the double post.

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