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    I am going to start my own little web/graphic design business in Denmark. So i have started sketching up some design templates in photoshop for the site. I think i've come up with a good basic design, but it needs some work.

    I would like you guys to tell me how i am doing, and if you have any constructive criticism/good ideas, please do share them :D


    Alternative 1:

    Alternative 2:

    Revised version:

    Revised version w/colors moved up

    Please give me some feedback on the changes i've made to the 2nd version. A couple of people have asked me to tone down the borders, and lessen the colors. I have also changed the navigation, to a different tone and font. The overall font size has also been lowered 1px. When you view them, please see the full image, and the the pop-up "lightbox" view. Just click the pop-up image.

    Any feedback is appreciated!
  2. i like it, nice and clean/stylish.

    let me know if you need any help i do freelance web/graphic design and im looking for a more steady stream of work... message me on here and i can give you my email if necessary.
  3. Very sleek so far, I like the direction, and good use of energy savin' black.
  4. Nice thank you both.
  5. I have added a new alternative design, which i personally think is better.

    But really need some different eyes and stoned brains than my own!

    Come on GC, help me out :D
  6. Both of those are pretty good,
    clean cut and classic.

    I'd recommend adding a little bit more work to them though.
    While having a clean site is good,
    its usually better to give your site a personality.
    Go with something that relates to your business,
    for example use the green grass like image and expand it to being a frame of sorts.
    Its good to be easy to use and navigate,
    but by adding small details to your site you can make it stand out more.

  7. Thank you!

    I am going to work on them some more, just wanted some feedback first.

    I agree that it needs a touch up.
  8. Keep it simple. These are both wonderful templates. Add more if you wish, but most importantly dont cluster it. Wonderful sig by the way!
  9. Thank you man.

    Nice avatar and sig too :D
  10. Bump GC.

    I would really like some input - good or bad.

    Please ? :smoke:
  11. I'm pretty into website design, drawinig, and digital art... haha

    while my opinion is just my opinion, and I don't have a degree in any of those topics.. I love the 2nd one. The colors work really well, a good simple layout, and has a lot of "wow" factor. The only problem I could see within it is maybe how excessively the colors were done, because some people might not like stuff like that. Take Google for example, really simple, but basic colors, and nothing that screams off the page.

    Again, really depends on what you're going for though. But I do have to ask.. for the second pic, assuming that's your homepage, what will the other pages look like?
  12. use the navigation style of #1 and the rest of #2, but fix the "contact me" so it lines up right, and make the 1px border around the boxes more transparent.
  13. Thank you both for answering me. Much appreciated.

    I will take that into account and make a revised version.
  14. I like em. Very clean and fresh looking.
  15. Clean work, man. I personally like the first one more. The colors are nice in the second, but a little too much for me. Maybe if you dimmed them down a bit I would prefer it, who knows. Both look nice though. :)
  16. Thank you man, i am going to revise them both soon.

    Then i hope you'll share your thoughts again. :smoke:

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