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  1. I tried some cannabis oil oral drops in MI that had amazing health benefits for a very sick lady. The drops are not affordable for the amount I would require. $400/mo. I am wondering if any of you can tell me if a vaporizer really does convert THC to CBD? And if it does how would I know if I was getting the 4.0% minimum? Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!!
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    All vapes do is convert THC/CBD into vapor instead of smoke, it does not change the chemical properties

    I'm guessing the oral spray you tried was synthetic/doctor prescribed and that's why it's so expensive,

    You could make your own oral spray (think its called a glycerine tinture) at home with an oz of good bud and some other supplies

    So if you have a good hookup and can get ounces for $120-250 it would be a better solution to make your own,

    An ounce should last you a month worth of oral spray

    So your costs would be cut in half, not including the first month (buying the supplies needed to make the tinture)
  3. Thanks for the info! My question is if I need three droppers several times a day I have told that is 3x the usual doseage. Do you know how much pot I would need to make this much? I was told in MI it takes 2 fl oz of oil for 180 droppers. If this is not accurate please better inform me.

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