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  1. The semester is about to wrap up.. (a month left) and I have a end of the year Psychology Experiment and Paper to do.

    I made up TWO Surveys.... with 10 questions each. The results I collect will be used for the paper and presentation I need to have 50 people complete the survey in order to have "VALID" results, according to my Professor. I was trying to figure out how to get 50 people, then it hit me- I should just put it online.

    So here my favor, will you go and take my survery?? :D I need 50 people, as I said. YOU could be one of the lucky 50!!!

    Survey #1
    Survey #2

    Thank you SO MUCH!!


    edit: PLEASE DO NOT SKIP ANY ANY ANSWERS!! That includes the age and sex entries.edit again- I fixed the links...
  2. oh mann :( it's not a weed survey?
  3. hey, i took your survey :)

    are both #1 and #2 supposed to be the same survey? cos for me they were..:confused:
  4. ah! Thank you for pointing that out. oops... let me fix that.
  5. i filled out both the math and english survery, gl w/ your class
  6. I have 17 responses for survey # 1 and 7 for survey # 2. thanks so much!! I need a few more guys!!! SO i decided that as a prize for helping, you guys will get a cookie.


    :smoke: ENJOY!!
  7. Just taken both. Can you actually tell us how we done?
  8. I wish I could, but since it is not classifyed by name but age and sex I wouldnt be able to tell which answer were yours. Unless you know what answers specifically you answered- then I could just tell you over pm.

    Thanks so much for helping!
  9. did both but i got kinda confused on the math because alot of symbols are replaced by question marks
  10. thats the division sign. I am not sure how it got changed- thank you for brining that to my attention- I will go edit that now.

    edit: i went to look at the survey and I did not see where the ? sign was suppose to be a / sign....it must be your browser.
  11. it wasnt / it was i think on the last question something like this ?36 + -48 or something like that
  12. there u go, the maths one was easy, the english language one upset and confused me... :wave:
  13. I'm taking #1 as we speak, can I take them both?

  14. Please do!! They are seperate subjects.
  15. Survey #1 and #2 done. I hate math. GRRRR.

  16. Survery 1 and 2 done as well

    i am a math math :smoke:....go accounting haha
  17. You guys are so awsome to do this for me. Thanks again!! And enjoy that cookie!!! :yay:

    24......on survey 1 and 23 on survey 2... need about 26 more on each!!!!

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