i need weed

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  1. my friend sold me $25 for a half oz of reggie and obviously i was like yeah :hello: lol no question about it but now i just been smoking toooo much

    idk whats wrong with me like i just need to smoke its not like ohhh i need my fix i guess its just a habit of doing it when i wake up and through out the day cuz before that i was just buy quarter oz for $20

    and i only have 1 blunt worth of bud no pipe/bowl/bong nothing here with me
    so i dont know how imma go the rest of the day sober cuz my high only last an hour if im lucky...............

    i think i got problems cuz idk i b needing to get messed up like iof i dont have weed i wanna drink or something just so im not sober ummmmmm.......... :(

    what do yall guys think i should do since i dont like being sober?
  2. Smoking weed is great and almost everyone wants to be high all the time

    I think you should try to occupy your mind in other things. Don't make your world revolve around it. Enjoy the herb don't abuse it.
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    well that is not a good sign. I can understand wanting more weed but when you just want anything to not be sober anymore that is a sign of addiction.
    I would refrain from all mood altering chemicals for at least a week and at the end of the week reward yourself with a nice blunt of your choice.
    Fuck all the other drugs man.

    This my 420th post!
  4. lol no im not saying im going to go and do some crazy ass drug its just either
    bud or liquor
    but yeah i know i need to do something with my time im trying to get a job but no luck since im out of school at the moment...................
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    Yeah dude you should lay off for AT LEAST a week of alcohol and weed. If your gonna go ape shit without it, thats fucked up man. Strong sign of addiction.

    You enjoy the herb. But you need to be sober sometimes too if you ever expect to get a job. Hate to be harsh but isn't this the exact definition of a burnout aka loser?

    Its hard to get much accomplished when your high or drunk. And the way your talking, sounds like your forgetting what being sober is. Where your mind is actually functioning how it was built to do so. I love the herb and alcohol as much as anyone, but theres a time to chill, a time to party, and a time to actually work and support yourself instead of living off your mum in a beaten down apartment or her basement.

    I don't think weed or alcohol should be anyones life, but a temporary release from the stresses and a way to see the world from a more fun prospective. But living in a dimension like that, WILL fuck you up. too much of a good thing is always a bad thing.
  6. Something as harmless as weed should have zero control over you. If it had any control over me at all, I'd never touch it again.

    If nothing else, maybe focus on getting your life together, then come back to it and see if you can do it without it affecting anything important. If you were in a good place and smoking weed interfered with it, you'd just drop it without thinking twice about it. It's not heroin. ;)

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