i need to vent

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  2. I haven't been in three fights my entire adult life. Be careful man, don't wanna get stabbed or anything
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    whats so funny?
    people need to consider that you are talking to real people and not just post whatever pops up in your mind
    thats the problem with internet anonimity, it makes it very easy to be rude
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    thanks, i will do my best, sometimes its like im cursed these days, i didnt have much trouble with fights before either, happened rarely, maybe people are going crazy in these times :p
  5. I just try to not put myself in potentially dangerous situations. You're a smart dude I know you have some common sense. No reason to be around violent drunk people anyway. I like the fun loving drunks better haha
  6. thanks again for the kind words, likewise
    yeah i guess i already know the answer to my problems and it is common sense, but you know sometimes us humans are irrational
    i wish i had some of those old school sun glasses right now, i need to hide these marks
  7. Denmark sounds like an angry place! too much punching going on for my likes :)
    Like you say you already know what to do so I wont stick my nose in other than to say chill on the 'lol' guy... It kinda is a funny story.
  8. It kinda seems like you were out looking for a fight

    If not, that sucks you just had a very unfortunate night

    Don't visit the ghetto part of Copenhagen while drunk anymore is what I would do

    Were you alone while all this was happening?

    Drunk people are more likely to fight a lone wolf I would think
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    This is precisely why I try to avoid drunk people that I don't know well, and otherwise unstable people with anger issues. It's just going to get you in trouble man. Alcohol make some people really unpredictable; if you don't know that they can handle their shit, you might just be asking for trouble. Same with rageaholics and "tough guys". Just an ass load of trouble.
    Try to avoid fights my man. Just run away if you're threatened. Most of the time, you can get away easy. Seriously. Best idea. Don't worry about looking like a bitch. The real bitch is the person who stays and gets their ass beat in the name of self defense or honor. When you're in a fight, even if you win, you don't usually walk away unharmed. And you never know what some batshit crazy dude is gonna do! He might have a gun, or a knife. You don't need that shit. Plus, the police don't really care who started it, and that's attention you don't really need.

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