I need to vent some shit!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BlueSkyX, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Hey there, I am in a seriously dour mood because of something that just happened to me, and I'd like to vent about it so here you go!

    I was just hanging out with three friends of mine, at a spot known as 'shark's head' when two random people ride by, smash up our bikes and proceed to get five other people, what the actual fuck!?

    I was stunned, so were my friends, these assholes are yelling at us in Turkish looking at us like they were about to kill us. Me (fucking stoned) can not comprehend this shit so I just get up, this bitch that was standing closest to us starts getting up in my face and shouting at me!

    I don't know, they were probably drunk or some shit but to make this long story short; one of my friends pulls a knife, two of the assholes pull knifes and shit went to hell fast. I am now sitting behind my computer, in my house together with all my friends, we had to leave our bikes behind because we ran like hell. Good thing we know the city, they didn't apparently so at least we could outrun them. I'm gloriously pissed off but I didn't see any other option, it was either running or getting knifed which would be a lot worse than losing a couple bikes (bicycles, not motorbikes).

    So, that's pretty much it, random assault for the win, yay...

    TL;DR: Got randomly attacked by fuckers with knives, lost some good bicycles, I'm pissed.

    Edit: We already called the police, they're "handling it".
  2. oh ya i was about to say call the police.

    sounds like a misunderstanding tho? maybe they got the wrong poeple.

    or they just didn't want you smoking weed?
  3. I have no clue, no clue whatsoever. All I know is that they were some Turks dressed in thrift store clothes that looked pissed as hell.

    I'm telling ya' there's some fucked up shit, and then there's almost getting your ass killed randomly.

  5. Did you read his post? ...

    Would obviously let loose a bike other than getting stab wounds and ending up having to deal with that whole situation.

    Sorry about that bro. I would get some friends together and find those fuckers and beat their asses individually. Or in their little squad, I wouldn't give a fuck.

    Bring a bat and go to town on those faggots. They possibly had the same intention for you, so why not prevent an upcoming tragedy by beating them to it? :smoke:

    That's just me though. You can always let people push you over, just as long as you have the point of revenge or a reasoning to it. :ey:

    Stay safe brotha. Take it easy.
  6. why would your friends pull knifes. If they knew how to fight they wouldnt need emand you guys coulda had some fun;) glad ur ok OP
  7. You shoulda stuck em in the jaw,
  8. The funnest brawls are the ones where you're outnumbered :p

    just kidding.. bad idea haha
  9. Where you from?

    A lot of the turkish kids here act tough too. Its annoying. Some go around bothering individual people with 5 of their friends. Its fuckin cowardly.
  10. Didn't know this was a therapy forum too
  11. Bikes..... Seriously? No motor or nothing? Hahaha, you'll be fine
  12. Ok I'm gonna prescribe you some xanax
  13. Two words....Drone strike....
  14. Can't go back to Constantinople.
  15. I woulda filmed that whole thing on my phone then use it as evidence in court charging them so much for brand new bikes
  16. Good thing you still have weed
  17. Time to break some knees...

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