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"I need to smoke"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MikeyToke, May 16, 2010.

  1. hey guys, i sometimes say to myself "i really need to smoke" or im with friends and im like "dude we need to smoke" i been smoking everyday for about a month and im not a real experienced smoker yet. is it just me or is there something to be worry about??

    sorry lol im a little stoned
  2. well you are using weed as an escape, which could be bad, means you are mentally addicted, love the feeling and hate the problems of your life kind of...

    thats how i see it, as long as it is not having a negative impact on your life you should be set
  3. no, you just realized everything is better when your high..
  4. ^^ This.
  5. I can stand not smoking for whatever period i wanted but what Flyer said was soo true lol
  6. some people choose to be the "total stoner" and smoke all day everyday, some people choose to smoke every month, to every week, or every day. it's up to you to figure out how often you'd like to smoke, and find a comfortable pace of smoking, and if it's uncomfortable to do it everyday because you feel like maybe you're deteriorating your old way of doing things, by all means, do what you think would make you happy, as well as happily active, or happily not active, etc. the most important thing is how you feel about how you are
  7. I've been toking since the age of 13 daily. I haven't smoked today and feel great. Maybe you just need to quit for awhile.
  8. if youve only been smoking for a month (idk because maybe you just started smoking daily) youre probably still all excited about smoking, like its still a novelty
  9. ^ True, you're excited to enter into the realm of cannabis.
  10. Thats how it is when you first start smoking but after about a year or two the novelty has worn off and you the cravings are alot less prevalent. You still might be like I want to smoke everyonce in awhile but it just isn't like an everyday thing. Just don't think about smoking.
  11. When i first started i smoked for about 3-4 months smoking everyday, then i stopped for two weeks just to see if i could. As long as you take breaks, but i would smoke all the fucking time if i had the money

    Just sayin.
  12. Think about it seriously.Ask yourself Does weed hurt my life? Think of the positives and the negatives and don't try to hide some of the negatives also.;)

  13. That's true I do the same thing when I'm with my friends I dotell them we need to smoke then they tell me I'm gettin to "attached" to weed. I just like the feeling but you should try and stop and see if your okay with it for instance I havnt smoked for four days and I'm good and I keep going.
  14. Difference between "Addiction" and "Wanting"
  15. You have a problem if there's a reason to quit and you can't. If you're worried about it, quit and see what happens. If the idea of quitting scares your or you can't envision life without weed, then you may have a dependancy developing.

    I smoked everyday for nearly a year and then went on vacation. I was thinking about how I could bring some smoke with me, or make edibles, or score some where I was. I nearly drove on my dime instead of flew for free just so I could bring weed. But when I thought about the logistics of where I was going to be and who I was going to be around, I realized how stupid it would have been. So I just quite smoking, partly to see if there would be a problem. No problem. I miss it but not enough to go out of my way to get it. I was even at Venice Beach the other day. I was going to score but my OL was very paranoid about it, so I said fuck it.

    Biggest problem is reading and posting on GC and reminding myself what I'm missing :) Going home tomorrow but I still won't be able to smoke for another week and a half because of house guests.

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