i need to make $400

Discussion in 'General' started by keepitUnreal, Feb 23, 2004.

  1. I couldn't even imagine the smoke sessions in one of those things. Then roll down a hill when you're done.
  2. I can't decide if I should get the one that holds 2-3 people for $400, or the single person for $300...I want the bigger one...but I'm not sure where it would fit...either way..good times. =)
  3. If price is your concern and not space, GET THE BIG ONE. Think about it man.. You would be so much happier that you did.. It's an extra $33.00 per person, and you'll have it for a long time..

    I like the idea about smoking in it on top of a hill, getting it full of smoke, then, when everything is smoked up and put away, start it rolling! :smoke: stoned*
  4. OMG if i had that id bake it til the walls melted
  5. nice! hahaha looks sooooooooo cool.

    i showed my gf the site, and she can make that much money in a few hours so shes contemplating buying one for me :D

    man thatd be cool.
  6. ^^^ Awesome girlfriend.

    Think of all the other stuff you guys could do in there too, eh?

  7. ehehehehehe(butthead's laugh).... j/k...
  8. wow, I can see some stoners getting all happy about this, then actually getting in one, and realizing that sooner or later someone is going to spill a cherry or something, and we know what comes after that :D

  9. hahah, thought that would come up from someone. she does modelling occasionally for some europeans magazines or something along those lines. i never really payed much attention? but she can easily make 1000$ in a day doing so. very nice.

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