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  1. Is it the S or the C that is silence in the word scent.

  2. Fuck I need to hit a bong to get my brain going 🍁

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  3. hhahahahah they're merged as one sound, though I think technically the c is silent.
  4. The letter "c" should just be used to make the "ch" sound, cause we already have "s" and "k" to make any sound c can make, but we don't need two letters to make the "ch" sound. While we're on this topic, I think the letter "x" xould be used to make all "sh" sounds.
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  6. What is this world coming to?
  7. s or c...
    s or c..
    let's see....I mean lets ees.
  8. The word crisp starts at the back of your mouth and works it's way forward each letter.  Say it.
  9. The "c" is silent.
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    I.pronounce both

    As in ssilence

    What the fuck, dude? Why did you do this to me? I've been saying this over and over for the past 3 minutes and it's blowing me away every time. Thanks though, you've given me ammunition for my next circle. I've already used the "scent" one in the past to great effect.
  12. Holy shit, Crisp really does shift
  13. Lol @ crisp
  14. My mind is blow...
  15. When you say something is up on a hill do you say up on or upon?

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