I need to kill the paranoid highs

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    I used to smoke frequently, for 4 years..the highs were great..now I get paranoid around people/ by myself...

    what makes me paranoid is that I hear people around me telling me my thoughts..so I'm hearing my thoughts with my ears, which scares the living shit out of me..(its like insight into psychosis, I'm now 'aware' of my actual world around me)

    you think dxm could help me 'trip out' of the paranoia, curing myself

    I find that taking antipsychotics don't help, I feel the bad high+the nasty effects of antipsychotics

    even tho I'm getting bad highs, I'm still smoking, I'm going to figure this out..

    any suggestions on how to fight paranoia?

    I've done lots of researching, and found nothing useful, so I turned to the city
  2. all i'm goin say is quit smokin for awhile maybe 2 weeks to 6 months,
  3. have a beer or two when your smoking
  4. xanax helps, but I haven't taken it when I smoke..
  5. who ever told you to quit and wait 2 weeks that will make it worst umm think of something funny or "happy thoughts" comon peter think...lol
  6. I know what you mean. I used to feel that way, back when I first started. It was because I always felt like I was the highest person there, and that can make you feel kind of strange. So, what I found to cure my odd feelings, was to make sure someone else got higher than I did. Then after seeing that, and realizing I'm not the only one that can freak out that bad, I've always felt alright smoking.
  7. pray...idk...i pray when im high sometimes.

    i kno ima get flamed for believing in god.
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    I used to get like that alot. I know exactly what you are talking about. After a long period of paranoid highs I slowly came to the realization that 90 percent of the time I was putting myself in a paranoid state simply by worrying about getting paranoid. Once you learn to just shake it off, it no longer becomes an issue.

    That and smoke smaller amounts. Dont think you can cheif back fat joints by yourself because you could back when you smoked an eigth a day.
  9. revitalize your mind and body, fish oil is good for the brain as well as working out.
  10. QFT:smoking:
  11. ive been getting very paranoid lately...
    i was in the cafe and let a stupid situation get to my head...i got to the point where i thought everyone was talking about me.
  12. I never really got that way. The first time I smoked was with my best friend and his gf, both of which was there first time to. And for about 3 years we got high every day at my place, so I never really got into that paranoid stage.

  13. Your still going to hell!:D
  14. yeah i dont know, smokin ganja never made me paranoid...now some coke, that will make me 'noid....but not ganja, never has, never will.

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